Mike Keith, the voice of the Tennessee Titans, previews this week's game with the unbeaten Steelers

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Published on October 23, 2020 -

Mike Keith, the voice of the Tennessee Titans, previews this week's game with the unbeaten Steelers

Mike Keith, the voice of the Tennessee Titans, previews this week's game with the unbeaten Steelers


Mike Keith, the voice of the Tennessee Titans, previews this week's game with the unbeaten Steelers

Dear show focusing just rape an you ringing you smart community of new is now john morning and welcome to friday it is going to be a you for all weekend really jumped right in the things this morning with her friend like keith on the tennessee titans.

You know i was voice of the titans like keith good morning good morning chip how are you doing very well actually i'm getting better.

Sunday evening this past week i had no fingernails several ball spots of a sore throat from yelling a the tv apparently work as the titans one.

Thanks for doing your pro effort to get us home to five bento and hope fully be that tough to get to six to kno although i have you you probabl will.

I was listening to you for the last bit of that game and watching on tv like i was the only one excited.

I could tell of inner voice as well.

I was on 100 when it besides stadium well and it was certainly one of the top five most excited score with four seconds left in regulation have the place stand up to his go to avoid having the texans call timeout ice kicker would make the extra point.

We go to overtime in the thickest play of the entire day.

I contend with the point won the coin.

I knew then when they do think whichever team had the ball at overtime when fortunately it was us.

Unfortunately, there can we get the ball in the as you mentioned a moment ago.

Now, where five and oh got a pretty tough owner, the steelers, but this weekend they are also needed good to be interesting to watch the two quarterbacks course ryan 10 illness clock management skills as well as overall performance pretty good weekend discount roethlisberger.

He's got a few years on ryan and he can be a little devious out of the field.

Those guys played great for both danielle and 13 touchdowns just to interceptions.

Obviously he has the ability to run well and run.

He doesn't do it is much as he wants to.

Now that he's a little bit older but after having surgery last year.

He's healthy.

He's playing well 11 touchdowns just one intercep raw was berger so you've got two of the four five most of fisher quarterbacks in the nfl going head-to-head in a game which features undefeated up opponents in week seven for just the eight time in nfl history at that we seven only eight times have to undefeated met this late in an nfl campaign in the 100 in an nfl campaign in the 101 year history.

The national discovery a strong game anyway you look at speaking of strong, almost in a minute listening to you talk about derek and the man's a beast.

He's a machine and he is just incredible.

Question is, are the steelers defense of guys going to be abl to stop ... this is the one of those titles that you say some testing dear kristin steelers are limiting opponents to 66 yard rushing pe day.

Their camry is obviously derek and and we want to run derek every were going to have success.

We have run derek not do it is such a vital part of the off so i think this could b one of three keys to all day is can the tight find a way to hav success against the steelers number one right run.

I would think the steelers are going to be doing a lot of their efforts and energy on stopping derek every you sink that right angle's really taken the have to and good news for us is everybody is off cove.

It night team reserve list now batting clues corey davis packet wide receiver to join aj brown and adam home to met certain and michael pruitt tied in.

He's a versatile piece that they want to put back in the offense as well.

So were going to have to throw it some were going to have spread them out and take advantage of matchups 10 ale will have to be big.

His receivers will have to be big at fortunately we have them all back this week to hear about the loss of taylor one gillis the 20 second executive synopsis of house ago to help our house is massive loss not knowing where to put a chip.

The bottom line with taylor wanted sees the best left tackle in football.

He is one of our five best all players.

We will put somebody in the lineup.

It is placed.

But w can't place him and his go to change our office so how they offset the loss of table 1 will be some and watch on the titans have to do to put the steelers in their place ... first of all defense avoid the tight must point better third downbeat, and they must point better red zone defense.

When the steelers get the foot wall and its third down you go to ge them off the field and make a pot when they get inside your 20 to make them kick your goals and not score touchdown we touched on the fact that the titans have to run the ball wit guard list of what steelers put up there because that's you back to the titans are that's how the help that's the personality and finally i began to toy game a lot like he did against buffalo.

At that is have short field.

Take advantage of opportunities and don't make th mistakes giving up the point.

If the titans can play the way the did 10 days against buffalo.

I picked havoc very good chance to be six and oh, four o'clock eastern time on sunday will hav a couple seconds left.

I will ask you this one of the other mike keith's keys to the game to make sure that testing does get to six ... by the better part of it to is that you contain rock whisper.

He can go crazy he can get loose in the pocket can make things happen off schedule.

These get good receivers, including a rookie to chase claypool from notre dame six four 240 pound wide receiver you can't let roth was berger get loose and make plays off schedule.

That's how he makes a difference making poised to win the game.

That's mother ricky right sounds good like to thank you so much for joining us and will be watching the game here on cbs will be listening to you on titans radi and i hope was like last week, her voice getting a little horses, you probably proclaimed tennessee titans now six and like effect you guys to pressure us around.


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