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Elon Musk

Washington DC’s Department of Transportation has issued a permit to Elon Musk’s Boring Company that will allow the firm to begin digging within a designated..
8 hours ago • MailOnline



Social media posts have claimed a Harvard study blamed Peppa Pig for autism. Experts have now refuted the claims, saying no such study exists.
11 hours ago • MailOnline


Scientists now believe the first plants adapted to terrestrial life appeared around 500 million years ago. For first four billion years of Earth's history,..
6 hours ago • MailOnline


A computer competition in Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire pitted computers from eight separate generations against one another and the BBC Micro:bit came out..
9 hours ago • MailOnline


A tracker dog unit has become pivotal in the fight against poaching in the Mara Triangle, part of the vast Maasai Mara ecosystem in southern Kenya that merges..
13 hours ago • MailOnline

Cape Town

With only a few months to go before the water levels in the city's major dams fall dangerously low, plunging Cape Town into crisis mode, entrepreneurs and..
16 hours ago • Futurism


According to a new report, the attack was carried out in July using a phishing website named Following the attack, Snapchat notified affected users..
10 hours ago • MailOnline

Friends / Turkey

The Turkish military operation in the Syrian Kurdish enclave of Afrin is uniting unlikely players behind Syria’s Kurds.
14 hours ago • France 24


German-Turkish relations are a high-stakes affair. Not only does Germany count some three million residents with roots..
13 hours ago • Worldcrunch

Protest / White House

Donald Trump voiced support for a limited strengthening of background checks on gun purchases Monday while staying largely mum in the last few days about the..
5 hours ago • France 24

Vampire Bat

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - If you want to know how vampire bats can survive on a diet that -- as everyone knows -- consists exclusively of blood, the answer is..
3 hours ago • Reuters

Günter Blobel

Dr. Blobel, at Rockefeller University, discovered that proteins in any given cell carry signals that guide them to where they can do their beneficial job.
10 hours ago •

Black Panther

In the racially charged America of the Donald Trump era, even a superhero movie can become a flashpoint.
10 hours ago • France 24


A thousand-year-old tooth has provided the first clear genetic evidence that the Taíno -- the indigenous people whom Columbus first encountered on arriving in..
9 hours ago • Science Daily


Though slightly lopsided, the towering, Great Pyramid of Giza is an ancient feat of engineering, and now an archaeologist has figured out how the Egyptians may..
12 hours ago •

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