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Virgin Galactic

50 Mile High Club Virgin Galactic just achieved a major milestone. But did it really make it all the way to outer space? That depends on who you ask. During..
14 hours ago • Futurism


Taylor Swift

Fans were the unwitting targets of a facial-recognition camera that took their photos, Rolling Stone reports
13 hours ago • CBS News

Google Maps

To access the feature, users enter their destination in the Maps app and then navigate to the transit icon. If a Lime vehicle is available, Maps will show a..
10 hours ago • MailOnline

Strasbourg Christmas

French police on Thursday shot and killed the suspected gunman behind Tuesday’s deadly attack on Strasbourg’s Christmas market, several police sources said...
11 hours ago • France 24


The gunman, Chérif Chekatt, who killed three people at a Christmas market in Strasbourg, was shot dead by French police on Thursday. The propaganda wing of the..
1 hour ago • France 24

Fijian PM Frank Bainimarama Slams Climate Deniers

Fiji's Prime Minister has criticised countries that have chosen to block a UN climate report acknowledging the impact of 1.5 degrees global warming, comparing..
6 hours ago • SBS

Senate Votes

The US Senate dealt President Donald Trump a double blow over Saudi Arabia on Thursday, approving a resolution to end US military support for the war in Yemen,..
6 hours ago • France 24

EU Leaders

EU leaders rebuffed a plea by Theresa May on Thursday to help her sell her Brexit deal to parliament, warning she must set out exactly what she wants -- and..
7 hours ago • France 24

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