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Supreme Court / Barrett

We look at the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court and how the Democrats can respond. We'll also look at how President Trump is gaming out not..
4 hours ago • NPR


Supreme Court

Amy Coney Barrett has served as a federal appeals court judge since 2017
16 hours ago • VOA News

Amy Coney Barrett

Two Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee have said they will not meet with Amy Coney Barrett -- President Trump’s pick to fill the vacancy on the..
15 hours ago • FOXNews.com


Azerbaijan launched a military operation along the contact line early Sunday
7 hours ago • VOA News

Armenia / Azerbaijan

Armenia says Azerbaijan launched a military operation along the contact line early Sunday
6 hours ago • VOA News

Proud Boys / Portland

The far-right group Proud Boys are holding a rally Portland, Oregon, on Saturday. Police are on alert for clashes for counter demonstrators.
14 hours ago • CBS News


The former FDA commissioner says the number of infections remains high heading into the fall and winter.
15 minutes ago • CBS News

Donald Trump

Joe Biden has not done enough on the campaign trail, so he better debate well, according to Donald Trump Jr. on Newsmax TV's Saturday's premiere of "The Benny..
17 hours ago • Newsmax

Charlie Hebdo

Suspect is an 18-year-old Pakistani man   
4 hours ago • VOA News

Yom Kippur

This year, Israelis have been ordered to stay within 1,000 meters (yards) of their homes throughout the High Holidays, which began last week with the Jewish New..
3 hours ago • VOA News


Hundreds march chanting 'Black Lives Matter'
15 hours ago • VOA News

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