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Elon Musk / Russian

Β· *Elon Musk used to fly high-performance jets in the early days of the SpaceX and Tesla.*
Β· *Musk said "the most fun plane" he owned was an Aero L-39..
2 hours ago • Business Insider


Lombok / Indonesia

A strong earthquake has rocked the Indonesian island of Lombok, triggering landslides, damaging buildings and sending people fleeing just two weeks after a..
32 minutes ago • News24

World Photography Day

Every year, August 19 is observed asΒ World Photography Day. A day which is meant to celebrate photography, and its power to inspire positive change in..
9 hours ago • BGR India


A new complaint filed Friday by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) accuses Facebook of helping landlords and home sellers violate the..
27 minutes ago • TechCrunch


National Police Commissioner General Kehla Sitole has been asked to brief Parliament on security measures at police stations and to protect officers, the..
23 minutes ago • News24


At least seven counties in Florida are under a state of emergency for a toxic algae bloom that has killed thousands of marine animals
17 hours ago • CBS News


It's not uncommon for scientists to use Amazon's Mechanical Turk for research -- they can quickly gather survey data in return for a small outlay to..
12 hours ago • engadget

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