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Bernie Sanders

The Vermont senator and self-declared socialist announces a second bid for the White House.
9 hours ago • BBC News


Karl Lagerfeld

The German fashion designer and Chanel creative director has reportedly been sick for several weeks.
9 hours ago • SBS


Saudi Arabia hopes to soothe India-Pakistan tensions, as Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman visits Delhi.
17 hours ago • BBC News


Comment by Ian Birrell For most of my life, Britain and the United States have felt like twins. My country was older and perhaps slightly more sober compared..
18 hours ago • New Zealand Herald

Imran Khan

Imran said that he hopes "better sense will prevail" in the Indian side as he believes that only dialogue and talks are the solutions to the Kashmir..
11 hours ago • Firstpost


Some 80 graves are damaged at a Jewish cemetery, ahead of nationwide marches against anti-Semitism.
10 hours ago • BBC News

Tanzania / Ivory Queen

The Chinese businesswoman was sentenced to 15 years in prison for operating an ivory-smuggling ring.
7 hours ago • BBC News


Old video of The Professor embarrassing a Chinese player. He did not take it lightly, in fact, he decided to try to fight the And-1 legend, having to be..
2 hours ago • eBaums World

Swiss Avalanche

The avalanche was reported at the popular Crans Montana resort on Tuesday afternoon.
6 hours ago • BBC News

Sue Trump / States Sue

A coalition of 16 U.S. states led by California sued President Donald Trump and top members of his administration on Monday to block his decision to declare a..
17 hours ago • France 24

Mohammed / Pakistani

Prince Mohammed arrived in Pakistan on Sunday at the beginning of an Asian tour, which will include China and is seen as an attempt by him to rebuild his..
16 hours ago • Firstpost

Canadian / Vatican

A Canadian who survived sexual abuse at the hands of a Catholic priest is making the trip to Rome this week to be a part of the Church’s summit on how to..
19 hours ago • CTV News

North Korea

U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday said he wants North Korea to end its nuclear program, but he is in no rush and has no pressing time schedule for Pyongyang..
1 hour ago • Reuters

Thai Election Looms As A Major Test For Military Influence

Junta leader Prayut Chan-o-cha should be in the box seat to remain in power, but the opposition parties in Thailand are stirring.
16 hours ago • The Age

Donald Trump

US president Donald Trump urged Venezuela's military Monday to accept opposition leader Juan Guaido's amnesty offer, or stand to "lose everything," as..
12 hours ago • Firstpost

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