Nail salon owner takes extra precautions

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Published on September 19, 2020 -

Nail salon owner takes extra precautions

Owner of a nail salon in Aberdeen tries to keep customers and employees safe from the coronavirus.


Nail salon owner takes extra precautions

Salon owner is taking extra precautions during the pandemic.

Wtva alexis jones is live in aberdeen with how he is trying to ensure customers and employees saftey.

I'm outside of luxury nails and spa.

The owner said only two customers can be in the salon at a time.

And they must make an appointment.


"my choice is too keep people safety and my family safety."

Owner, tuaa nguyen (pronounce: t-wung wing), reopened luxury nails and spa in may.

He said everyone must wear masks inside.

Once customers come into the salon, tuaa will check their temperatures.

After, he said customers will need to wash their hands.

Sot: "we have to explain to them how to protect people, how to protect you and how to protect us."

Trt: 7 tuaa tuaa said his employees will spray and wipe down chairs, tables, and the sink after each customer.

Stand up: tuaa put up protective curtains between employees and customers during pedicures.

Vo: when customers get their finger nails done there is plexiglass up to protect them and employees.

Tuaa said employees must change their gloves and sanitize their equipment after each appointment.

The owner said most of his customers follow his precautions.

If someone doesn't, he will ask them to leave.

Live in aberdeen.

Alexis jones.

Wtva 9

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