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GMK A BLOCK 7.30.20

GMK A BLOCK 7.30.20

3 "i think most of us have some amount of anxiety about coming back to the classroom."

Coming up in this half hour of good morning kentucky... kentucky teachers..

Voicing their concerns about returning to the classroom -- in person.

What they are worried about..

And: more on an investigation at a fayette county middle school..

What parents..

And school leaders have to say about a confederate flag..

Being hung.

L3: good morning kentucky!

White thursday, july 30, 2020 good morning kentucky!

I'm erica bivens i'm cody adams and thanks for joining us at a-b-c 36.

Now we want to check in with c1 3 alyssa andrews for a look at today's forecast.

Boxes:2x1 location three location four l3: good morning kentucky!

White greater storm chances c1 3 in our top story this morning..

An investigation is underway..

At a lexington middle school... after someone raised a confederate flag on bryan station middle school's flagpole yesterday morning.

The district says it had symbols on it associated with far right anti- government extremist movements as well as slogans disparaging police officers.

Superintendent manny caulk called it a "cowardice" and "despicable act."

Aaron frazier has a 12-year-old daughter who goes to the school.

He says he was shocked and angry when he found out the flag was raised.

Despite that...he says it's important to use this to teach his kidsthat racism still exists.

"even though we're dealing with a global pandemic, there's still local things we have to deal with.

Unfortuantely, racism is one of them."

The fayette county school district's police department is investigating.

#### an old program..

Could be to blame for a second security breach in kentuckys unemployment system.

The state labor cabinet says the most recent breach..

Was discovered tuesday..

It says someone filing for unemployment benefits..

Saw another person's information while looking over his own unemployment application.

This is the second time the system has been breached in the last three months.

The last breach took place in april.

The governor says the state has to patch the vulnerabilies in the system.

"just like with the first data breach, absolutely no one to our knowledge has been financially harmed what so ever, at this time we don't think that there's a threat to anybody, credit or financial information at all..

But our challenge is this sytem was put in in 2000."

According to the governor..

The office of technology services is investigating..

And additional techs have been called in to help find and fix the problem.

In coronavirus news now..

The states positivity rate is up again..

But good news--the states hospital capacity is still in a good place.

The positivity rate is now 5 point 81 percent... that's up from the previous day of 5 point 08 percent.

More than 28- thousand 700 people have tested positive for the virus.

Jefferson..fayette ..and warren counties hold the top three spots for most reported cases overall..and from yesterday.

Right now -- 571 people are hospitalized with the virus... 112 are in the i-c-u.

The total number of people who have now died from the virus in the state..

Is 724.

More than 74 hundred have recovered.

The governor says even with the high number of new cases... his mask mandate appears to be stabilizing the outbreak, after a surge hit the state earlier this month.

We're also learning there are more than 400 coronaviurs cases in kentucky prisons..

There are currently 379 active inmate cases and 53 active staff cases.

State officials say..

Since the pandemic has begun... 432 inmates... and 69 staffers have recovered.

Eight inmates have died.

As teachers get ready to head back to school..

They are preparing for all possibilities... especially for those actually returning to the classroom for in-person instruction.

L3: coronavirus in kentucky white ky teachers share concerns about school some teachers in kentucky tolds us they're worried about their health, their families, and their students.

They feel they won't be able to keep students six feet apart with the size of their classrooms..

And are worried kids won't keep their masks on.

Schools gave parents and students learning or in- person.

Teachers say they weren't given a choice.

They're worried about the workload, too.

L3: coronavirus in kentucky white nicole britton bardstown teacher "lots of unpaid hours are going into this and i know it's not popular for teachers to mention that i did this for free i did this on my own time but we're people too.

L3: coronavirus in kentucky white ky teachers share concerns about school there are reports across the country of teachers getting wills and living wills before returning to the classroom.

Infectious disease expert doctor anthony fauci says a number of states..

Are poised for another significant outbreak..

Including kentucky and surrounding states..

Governor beshear says now is the time to really push forward to stop the spread of the virus in the state..

A big part of that is testing.

You can find testing information, at the more than 200 locations across the bluegrass,..

And stay up to date with the very latest on air and online at wtvq dot com or on the wtvq mobile app.

## ots image:right arrested for murder arrested.jpg in lexington --- a man is charges in the murder of his girlfriend..

Police arrested james aubrey,monday night.

Officer say he killed his girlfriend after... attacking her at a home on warwick court.

Police have identified the woman killed, as .57-year- old karen rae greenup from georgetown.

Two men involved in a disturbing animal abuse case in laurel county...will face trial in november..

Noah blevins and toby harrison are charged with the torture and death of a stray dog last year.

Video of a 17-year- old punching the dog began circulating on social media.

Authorities say another person charged in the case... david griffith... as shooting the video.

The dog was later found dead... with several stab wounds to its body.

Blevins and harrison are scheduled to go to trial on november 4th.... according to the times-tribune newspaper.

A warrant has been issued for a former coach in russel county..

Hunter facing charges of sex crimes..

Against a student.

According to the attorney general's office... they come after an investigation last year.

Authorites say lovell engaged in sexual intercourse with a student repeatedly over a two-month period.

He was indicted on the charges yesterday.

First it was seeds.... now it appears people are getting unwanted masks from china.

We told you people in kentucky were finding packets of seeds with chinese writing in their mailboxes.

L3: abc 36 news white unwanted masks showing up in mailboxes believed to have originated from china now... the martin county sheriff's office says they are getting reports that people are getting masks they did not order in the mail.

The sheriff says it appears the masks were sent from china.

People are being told not to open the packet or use the masks.

The health department in that county is trying to determine what to do with them.

Time is... your time is running out to put your name in the hat for the st.

Jude dream home -- and the featured prize!

That prize..

Could help you out fill the pantry of your new home!

More on deadlines..

Prizes...and a look at this year's st.

Jude dream home..

Coming up a little later.

And: if you have tested positive for coronavirus..

You could help save another person's life.

Hear from one man..

Who is able to share the story of his battle with the virus..thanks to a plasma donation..

That's next on good morning kentucky.

But first... "here's our "first look" at what's coming up

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