Rev. Dr. Mitchell M. Walker

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Published on May 29, 2020 -
Rev. Dr. Mitchell M. Walker

Rev. Dr. Mitchell M. Walker

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We're heading into the weekend where some churches in north alabama have decided to open using social distancing guidelines while others remain closed and offer virtual church services.

After weeks of living through the ongoing pandemic, what is our area's spiritual state?

Joining us now live pastor mitchell walker.

- president of the greater huntsville interdenominational misisterial fellowship.

Dr. walker - good morning.

Pause you communicate with numerous local pastors, what are they telling you about opening up their places of worship during this pandemic?

Why are some churches just not reopening yet?

It has to be very difficult for church members to remain physically away from churches and each other.

Describe what they are going through and what are the churches doing to bring comfort to them?

The elderly are especially vulnerable.

How do you help that community?

Our country not only needs healing from this pandemic, but when you look at what's happening in minneapolis and spreading nationwide in the wake of the death of george floyd and other recent cases involving black men, how can we come together and find spiritually healing in this?

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