Saints hitting reset button

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Published on November 16, 2019 -

Saints hitting reset button

On paper the New Orleans Saints obviously shouldn't have lost to the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, but then again on paper they probably shouldn't have won five games in a row without Drew Brees.


Saints hitting reset button

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- on paper... the new orleans - saints obviously shouldn't have- lost to the atlanta falcons, on- sunday... but then again... on- paper... they probably shouldn'- have won five games - in a row, without drew brees.

- so it all kinda comes out in th- wash... - as long as the black and gold - don't let one bad loss turn int- two... something they haven't - done since the first two weeks,- of the 20-17 season.- and even though the saints- maintain a two-game lead, atop- the n-f-c south... they still - need to be extra careful... - amidst- this current stretch of four- straight divisional games.- now a few days removed, from- that 26-9 loss to the dirty - birds...- the locker room is in full rese- mode... ahead of sunday's date,- against the tampa bay bucaneers- - "i think it's better that it- happened at this time - of the season than later on for- us.

And i think we can use this- as a stepping stone to- motivation to not have this - feeling again.

Not want to feel- like this again ever in a - season.

Whether it be now or- later.

So use that, and just- - - - keep pushing and getting better- week in week."- "we have to move on from this.- we have to- look forward to this sunday and- i feel like the guys in this- room are resilient enough to- know that everything we do has- to be perfect from here on out.- - - - the saints and bucs will kick -

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