Science-themed murals to be painted around Madison for Science to Street Art project

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Published on October 16, 2019 -

Science-themed murals to be painted around Madison for Science to Street Art project

From now until Friday, you can find street artist Melanie Stimmell VanLatum inside the Discovery Building at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, painting a science-themed mural on one of the first-floor walls.


Science-themed murals to be painted around Madison for Science to Street Art project

Over the next few weeks, you'll probably be seeing more murals and artwork around madison.

Many of them science themed.

Jamie perez got to meet one of the street artists today.... ...she joins us now with more on what this big science project is.

So this is part of a project called science meets street art.

It's an effort to get peoples' attention drawn to the science community, both past and present... and they thought what better way to do that than through a craft that speaks to us all?

Nats brush strokes, establish discovery building at the discovery building at uw- madison you can find melanie stimmel unveiling her new mural one brush stroke at a time nats stimmel has been painting for more than 20 years... but this is her first time doing something like this... "it spans time with nine scientists" as part of a science to street art project stimmel is just one street artist whose work you will see around madison over the next few weeks.

"we are doing this to basically raise awareness about scientists.

We all have an idea about what a scientist is, who that is.

This is just to really show the diversity of scientists in general... like mary anning who became a scientist at a very early age finding her first fossil at 11 or 12 to someone like ynez mexia, who started her career in science very late in life like her 40s or 50s" in hopes to inspire students of life the importance of discovery and the faces behind it... "it teaches them that it doesn't matter where you're from, or at what point in your life you are, there's still time to discover something new" this nine by 20 foot acrylic mural keeps stimmel here for about 12 hours a day "i started drawing on saturday and i'm going to finish this friday" but this will stay here for the next ten years or so... "you don't have to be a scientist in a lab in a lab coat to enjoy that experience" when it's done, this is what the finished product will look like.... "it starts kind of in a very traditional style and then it moves toward a more modern street art style towards the end with ynez mexia....their names are included in the mural as well as hints to what their specialty was" for the rest of the week...stimmel will be right here, helping others discover the beauty of science as she completes phase one of the science to street art project... "so it's kind of about looking at something in a different way, kind of like a scientist does."

You can stop by the discovery building on campus if you want to see it in person or ask stimmel any questions you might have.

And that is just one project that's being worked on right now.

There are five murals total being done around madison.

A lot of them have start dates that are up in the air depending on the weather.

I have some pictures of what those murals will look like and where they are going... online at channel3000 dot com.

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