Sports Express Wrap: October 11, 2019

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Published on October 14, 2019 -
Onondaga @ Waterville (BIG GAME)

Sports Express Wrap: October 11, 2019

Looks to remain unbeaten this season as they host class b east opponent camden.

Plus...herkimer hosts winless adirondack as they look to keep pace in class c.

But first - time for tonight's big game...we head to waterville for a class d contest.

The indians - winners of three of their last four are taking on the onondaga tigers.

These teams neck-and-neck in the standings - and the indians are looking to keep pace with a 3-2 record so far.

--- first drive of the game - waterville comes out of the gate ready.

Cody spooner out of the shotgun heaves it deep towards the sidelines - right to connor marriott in stride.


P-a-t good - just one minute in the indians have a 7-0 lead.

--- defense strong in this one for waterville as well.

They have the tigers pinned deep on fourth down.

Marriott with the punt block and it's recovered by onondaga in the end zone for the safety.

Tack on two more points and the ball back for waterville up by nine.

--- with one minute remaining in the frame - it's spooner to marriott again.

This time connor with the roll to the outside and wins the foot race.

The junior is everywhere.

It's a 15-0 indians lead.

--- to the second we go - this time indians keep it on the ground - cut to the middle by tristyn graham and he's off.

Long run to paydirt for the sophomore and waterville has a commanding 21 point lead.

--- after giving up a touchdown - waterville ends the half strong.

Just 14 seconds to play - direct snap to jeremy edwards and he charges his way in there... ...the indians were ready in this one.

A big win for waterville as they dominate...49-6.

Spencer hello everyone and welcome to sports express.

Waterville with a much needed victory to keep themselves alive heading into the final week of the regular season next week.

We now go from class d to the class c east.

Out in herkimer - the magicians hosting the adirondack wildcats.

Also hosting the mitey mite herkimer hornets!

--- first quarter - quarterback jordan foote hands it off to tyler steele who runs it in for the touchdown.

Extra point was no good but the magicians take a 6-0 lead.

--- minutes later - herkimer has the ball again.

Colby laquee runs it up but fumbles it away and alex gaylord picks it up for the wildcats.

Adirondack takes possession but would turn it over on downs.

--- second quarter now first and goal - herkimer.

Foote tosses itto steele who is able to break three tackles and run into the endzone.

Herkimer now leads 12-0... ...the magicians would go on to win 39-12 to improve to 4-2 overall.

Class b contest in oneida - the indians look to improve to 6-0 this year - they hosted camden.

--- under two minutes into the game - oneida forces a punt.

Zander farr breaks through to block it and then makes the catch in the end zone.

Great individual effort for the touchdown.

It's 6-zip indians.

--- not too long after that - special teams offense - check.

It's farr getting it done in multiple facets of the game with an incredible 71 yard touchdown run - an ankle-breaker to boot.

His two scores make it 13-0 oneida.

--- camden looking for a bit of a boost in the second.

Jordan clark back to pass - and coming in on the blind side for the sack is lane robertson.

Bursting the seam there.

--- but oneida would quickly recover.

Just a couple of plays later - clark finds will merrill in triple coverage and somehow he comes away with it in the end zone... ...the unbeaten season continues for the indians.

They win this one by the weird score of 38- 12.

Another class b match-up over in verona as the always lively v-v-s student section looking to help the red devils snap a three-game losing streak against winless mexico.

--- in the second quarter - devils were down 7-6.

Phoenix weydig to kyle burback on the screen pass - and burback with the great effort.

Somehow stays on his feet and makes his way through the tigers defense as he's in for the 12-yard score.

Two-point conversion makes it 14-7 v-v-s.

--- with 26 seconds left before halftime - a huge momentum builder for the red devils.

Weydig lofts it to a wide open bryce palmer in the end zone.

Doesn't get any easier than that.

20-7 at the break.

--- v-v-s also got the ball back to start the third.

First play from scrimmage - it's the weydig-palmer connection again.

This one a deep ball over two defenders... ...the red devils snap their skid and get back in the win column.

35-19 the final.

That'll do it for the opening frame here on sports express after the break - we'll introduce you to our latest athlete of the week.

She feared her season may be over - but now she's back on the field and pouring in goals.

...but first - let's check out other scores from around the area in our sports express scoremaster.

Bumpback & athlete of the week stinger welcome express - it's time now to unveil our athlete of the week... everybody loves a good comeback story.

Well this athlete has certainly given us that.

Nat: when i got my injury it was very scary.

Mackenzie mix - a junior forward for the camden field hockey team suffered a grade one p-c-l and m-c-l sprain along with a bone contusion during a game on the road back on september 16.

Mackenzie mix: i've never been seriously injured like i was and i had doctors and other people telling me that it could've been an acl tear and telling me to expect the worst so i wouldn't get my hopes up but it was really upsetting to think that my season might be over because i just love the support and love playing with these ladies she missed six games with the injury...a lot better than what was initially feared - but still way more than she would have liked.

Mackenzie mix: it was very tough to sit out for the games that i missed it was just very hard to set out and watch other people play the sport that i love the road to recovery wasn't easy - but mackenzie said her desire to return - as well as - the support system around her inspired her to get back on the field as soon as she could.

Mackenzie mix: it was such a great feeling to have a whole community and coaches and the team behind me to actually have a support to push me back and actually want me to be back mackenzie has been an offensive force for the blue devils for many years now - playing on the varsity team since she was in eighth grade.

That made watching her go down that much more difficult to see.

Shannon mcpheron: i've obviously had her for a long time so the relationship that we have is obviously very close being without mix was a big loss for a team hoping to repeat as section champions and take it a step further to the state tournament this year.

Shannon mcpheron: she has a lot to our team she's very quick so with my other forwards it's a huge benefit to have her on there.

Obviously she's very offense of minded which sparks a lot of things for our team and with playing for me for as long as she has i look for her leadership on the field.

On october second - mackenzie finally made her return.

In that game against v-v-s she scored a goal and tallied an assist.

Two nights later - mix added another three goals and assist against r-f-a...the very team she was playing against when her season was almost cut short.

Shannon mcpheron: she's obviously come back with a vengeance and has been scoring patrick and games so i think that's important for our team success.

Mackenzie has scored hat tricks in both games the team has played this week.

Through eight games played this season - she's got 23 goals and four assists.

Her toughness is no surprise to those who know the type of athlete and person she is.

Shannon mcpheron: to sit out for as long as she did definitely had a major impact on her so once getting back to that field she knew what she had to do to make up for lost time.

Getting back to her girls and getting back on the scoresheet as quickly as she has - has meant a lot.

Mackenzie mix: i am very proud to be part of camden we've always been a top team and it's just really exciting to be a part of this team and i feel like everyone is a great asset.

Camden has always it runs through my family everyone in my family has always gone through sports and camden and it just makes me proud to actually put on a jersey just like my parents or or just with my aunts and uncles.

And despite what appeared to be a near devastating injury has turned out to be a positive experience in the end.

Mackenzie mix: it's really taught me to not take anything for granted and always use your time wisely because you never know when it's going to end but you just have to go out there and do your best and put your whole heart out so you don't have to regret it sooner or later.

If you know of a high school athlete who deserves to be athlete of the week, here's our contact info.

Send us who you would like to be nominated and why.

All featured athletes will receive a plaque courtesy of c-n-y awards and apparel.

That takes us to the end of frame number two on sports express.

Still not done.

After the break - we take a look at the third annual uc pioneers believe bowl coming up tomorrow and hear what it means to the program to have a game benefitting a good cause.

Quickly become a staple of the utica college football program.

The third annual believe bowl is set to take place tomorrow afternoon.

For the second straight season - the pioneers will host empire eight rival saint john fisher in a game that means more than just the result on the field.

The game aims to benefit the believe 271 foundation and the thea bowman house - to assist members of the fire service and children who have been afflicted with cancer.

This game has become a defining tradition for the program.

Blaise faggiano: for a young college football program people would ask us what your big game but you're right and you might get a variety of answers and a lot of times it's conference opponents and stuff like that and so the wait for us now over the years, this is the third year of people is our game and you couldn't pick a better way for our team to give back to the community.

With the help of new york state law we were able to promote this game and this great guys and our guys enjoy it thoroughly the pioneers host the cardinals in the third annual believe bowl game tomorrow at one.

Also coming up tomorrow... --- rfa @ proctor football, 1:30 p.m.

--- comets @ penguins, 7:05 p.m.

--- yankees @ astros - alcs game one, 8:08 p.m.

Spencer that's it for us... we'll see you back here next friday night for another edition of

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