VIDEO Maple Grove Raceway up for sale

Video Credit: WFMZ Allentown, PA
Published on October 7, 2019 -
VIDEO Maple Grove Raceway up for sale

VIDEO Maple Grove Raceway up for sale

Good evening once again, i'm rob vaughn, wendy is off tonight a racing destinations, southern berks county that's no stranger to the national spotlight is on the market, the asking price for maple grove raceway 8 million get your one for his wife and brecknock township tonight with more >>rob it's been almost 60 years of driver speeding down this drag strip and things are expected to stay that way while the ownership may switch hands of race fans can expect the same excitement.

>>there's take to the track.

The south for family opened a maple grove raceway in brecknock township in 1962.

Now the owners have put the track up for sale but the pending sale doesn't mean goodbye.

>>this is not the end for us this is basically just that a new beginning with the asking price for the property is $8 million that includes the raceway campground parking lots outbuildings racing equipment and more it's been an icon in this area since i was a little kid i've actually raced on the track myself barbara howard owns the all paul's and claws pet grooming business in town when it's race time you know what.

>>that here and watch all the cars go past.

It may be lined up for miles.

>>the hordes of people who come on race day packed the hotels restaurants and businesses.

>>they are a vital part of the tourism industry first off in berks county.

But even more so a tremendous part of that economic.

Growth that we have here.

>>representative say operations and events will continue as normal.

>>the goal ultimately is just to continue the drag racing legacy that maple grove has already created.

>>and representative say the cell process could take someone awhile, so they want to remind people that they still have plenty on the 2019 calendar and they are putting the final touches

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