President Trump and New York Terror Accident

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Published on October 5, 2019 -
Mark Meredith reports

President Trump and New York Terror Accident

((erin)) tonight president trump says one senator is partially to blame for yesterday's terror attack in new york city.

The president says america's current visa programs make it too easy for terrorists to reach the u-s.

But critics say the president shouldn't use a tragedy to push politics.

Local 5's white house correspondent mark meredith takes a closer look.

This is new for us tonight at six {***trump bite***} "i am today starting the process of terminating the diversity lottery program" president trump says america's immigration system helped an uzbekistan immigrant allegedly kill 8 people in new york.

{***trump bite***} "we have to get much tougher.

We have to get much smarter and we have to get much less politically correct" have to get much less politically correct" the president is taking it a step further and blaming senator chuck schumer for immigration policies {***tweet***} "the terrorist came into our country through what is called the "diversity visa lottery program," a chuck schumer beauty.

I want merit based."

{***mark meredith / capitol hill***} the lottery program was created by both democrats and republicans in the 1990s.

It makes it easier for people from certain, often smaller, countries obtain green cards.

On capitol hill, senator schumer called president trump's verbal attacks irresponsible.


Chuck schumer / (d) minority leader***} "all president trump does is take advantage, horrible advantage of a tragedy and try and politicize and divide, it doesn't work with new yorkers, it doesn't work with americans" senator schumer says if the president wants to save lives, he should call for more counter- terrorism funding.

But senator lindsey graham says he agrees with the president and that the visa lottery program must go.


Lindsey graham / (r) south carolina***} "to me its not about uzbekistan or libya, its about a profile, we should be looking at the right people" and while the white house says it wants to eliminate the lottery system.

Ultimately it's up to congress to make that decision.

In washington, i'm mark meredith.


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