Donna Police Investigating Baby’s Death

Video Credit: KRGV
Published on October 4, 2019 -
The mother showed up a local hospital with a 3-month-old deceased baby.

Donna Police Investigating Baby’s Death

First... happening right now... donna police are investigating after a mother brought her dead three month old child to the knapp medical center in weslaco.

Donna police lieutenant rene rosas said the mother is cooperating and showed up at the hospital with the baby girl around 10 this morning.

Police say they are interrogating the parents right now.

They are both cooperating..

Rosas says no cause of death is known.

An autopsy is underway.

Initial findings may be available tomorrow.

Police still don't know how the mother got to the hospital.

They're asking for your help.

Call crimestoppers if you know anything about what happened.


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