The Daily Dish (6/21/17)

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Published on October 4, 2019 -
The Daily Dish (6/21/17)

The Daily Dish (6/21/17)

>> ange: good morning everyone.

Happy first day of summer.

Welcome to weht local lifestyles.

Ein ange humphrey.

>> ron: summer actually began at 11:24 p.m.

Before midnight.

We actually had about 36 minutes of summer.

The humidity is starting to creep back in.

They have this tropical storm cindy.

>> ange: she's a romantic novelist.

She would love that.

Coming up today on weht local lifestyles, all of the runners and walkers training for these upcoming races.

Your smart phones and watches can give you a training edge.

We will talk about that in our tech bites segment.

There is family fun planned by - - church.

Get outdoors in indiana this summer, so says the office of tourism.

Where should you go?

Lots of choices.

Staying well in the summer weather is a challenge especially for senior citizens.

Attorney gary price will be here to help us work our way through that maze we call medicaid.

>> ron: and jason is always up to some fun.

>>> cindy will bring us some rain.but not today.

Today we are staying dry.

Let's take a look at all of the sunshine we've got.

Feeling like summer on the first day of this season.81 degrees right now.

The temperature has shot up five more degrees.

We topped out at 90 yesterday.

62 degree dew point.

Not horrible, but not comfortable either.

West-southwest wind, 16 miles per hour.

We will get wind and rain thursday and friday.

We will need it, we will get to-four inches of rain for most of us.

Closer to two inches up north.

>> ange: we need it.

>> ron: my tomatoes need a lot of rain.>> ange: let's get to the daily dish today.

If you are an amazon prime member you will soon be able to try on clothing and accessory before you buy them.

It's part of a new service called prime wardrobe.

Here's how it works.

Prime members can choose three or more items to be shipped.

They have seven days to try them on i home with free shipping.

Members will get a 10 percent discount if they keep three or four items and a 20 percent discount if they keep five or more items. it's currently being tested.

Amazon has not said when it will officially launch.

I like the idea.

>> ron: you probably have a 30 percent discount if you have it delivered by drone.they can drop those down and it wouldn't harm those clothes.

>> ange: your shoes you got buy one get one half off.

I'm guessing you are going to keep 5-7 items. this is not their first day in retail.

>> ron: they just bought whole foods.

>> ange: two men got a major surprise on monday driving from west texas.

A longer bowl snake.

It came out from under the hood.

He admits he is afraid of snakes but the passenger was able to capture the moment.

- - said the snake lost its grip on the vehicle and fell under the trucks hood.

Oh my goodness.

I would have slammed on the brakes.

>> ron: can come out your air conditioning vent right there in your dash.

>> ange: you wouldn't believe how fast this senior citizen can move.

>> ron: i am not a fan of snakes.

>> ange: that's one of the things when they say look at the head of the snake.

I am not sticking around long enough to see what the shape of the head is.

I'm out of here.

>> ron: - - is our resident snake expert.

Even if they are not been a mess, they still bite.

>> ange: they serve a function in nature but they need to serve that function where i am not.

The zoo occasionally does that to me.

I go behind the sofa back there.

Break out your sofa and strike a pose.

Today is national selfie day.

The act of taking a selfie was anything before social media.

But now they are a lot easier to take.

The word selfie is now in the oxford dictionary.

So let's take a selfie.

I never know where to selfie's always look really bizarre.

This is why i don't take

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