SNL mocks Ivanka Trump with Perfume

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Published on October 3, 2019 -
SNL mocks Ivanka Trump with Perfume

SNL mocks Ivanka Trump with Perfume

C1 3 saturday night live has routinely mocked president trump... but lately the comedy show has been going after his family members as well.

Cnn's jeanne moos reports on its recent spoof.

Taking a page from those old calvin klein ads... nats: "between love and madness lies obsession."

Snl created a scent and caused a stink with an imaginary fragrance for ivanka... nats: "because she's beautiful, because she's powerful, she's...complicit."

Ivanka's more women friendly, climate friendly image got scorched.

Nats: "she doesn't crave the spotlight but we see her.

Oh how we see her.


The sketch had viewers searching...the dictionary.

Nats: "complicit complicit."

"helping to commit a crime or do wrong in some way."

Merriam webster called complicit "our #1 lookup."

Nats: "i bet when she watches titanic she thinks she's rose, sorry girl, you're billy zane."

The film's villain.... jeanne moos/cnn national correspondent: "but some on the right say if anyone has an "obsession" it's snl with its constant attacks on anything trump."

Supporters fired back..."if ivanka trump markets a perfume named complicit, i'm buying it."

Another pointed out the "sweet smell of success"...booming sales of ivanka's merchandise.

A week earlier snl zinged the trump sons... portraying eric as a clueless, cheerio- munching kid, unable to even open his juice.

Nats: "the only people making decisions about the trump organization are eric and myself.

Dad no no " donald jr joked back tweeting himself eating cheerios.."i stole somebody's snack today."

Snl did feature one trump supporter...a dog wearing a mind reading helmet.

Nats: "and i like trump he's my man."

Notwithstanding the doggie vote of confidence, we can only imagine snl's diss of his daughter has the president caught between love and madness over "complicit."

Nats: "also available in a cologne for jared."

Jeanne moos cnn nats: "ah the smell of it."

New york.

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