Mom 2 Mom- Hourglass Lash

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Published on September 12, 2019 -

Mom 2 Mom- Hourglass Lash

Sarah Pannell visits Hourglass Lash and Skin Bar to discover more about everything they offer!


Mom 2 Mom- Hourglass Lash

... c1 3 you also have some really good specials going on.

Practically everything's at a discount.

Beth: absolutely.

Sarah pannell: correct?

Beth: yes.

Everything is going to be discounted.

This is our big event of the year where everything is deep discounts and it won't happen again, so come on in.

Sarah pannell: yes.

Beth: one syringe, so if you're going to do your lips, let's say, will be 499.

You can pick up any of the product lines that we choose, you can do buy one, get one half price on any syringes, any of our skincare is buy one get one half price, and all of our peels for buy one, get one half price.

Dysport is $3 a unit.

Sarah pannell: wow.

Beth: botox is $9 a unit.

Sarah pannell: wow.

Beth: like hold the train.

Sarah pannell: yeah.


Beth: that's limited supply.

You can't come in and buy botox for the year.

Sarah pannell: got you.

Beth: it's going to be a limited supply per person.

Sarah pannell: got you.

Another thing that we need to mention is you don't have to come here.

You can actually shop all day and order over the phone, correct?

Beth: correct.

The party is from 4:00 to 8:00.

Sarah pannell: right.

Beth: it's going to be a party.

But if you can't make the party, you can always call us in, call in to the spa, and we can presale over the phone anytime that day.

Sarah pannell: love it.

You're making it too easy.

Beth: i know.

Sarah pannell: all right, for those moms out there that want to find out more info or give you guys a call, where should they go?

Beth: they should go to www.hourglasslex.

Com or they can call the spa at 903-skin or 904-lash.

Sarah pannell: all right.

Well, happy two-year anniversary.

Beth: thank you.

Sarah pannell: almost.

Beth: almost.

Sarah pannell: all right, moms, i'll see you all next week on mom to

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