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Jennifer Webb from Dollywood tells us what is scoring with families at the new Wildwood Grove expansion to the park.

Splash Country also have some new additions this year.




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Yes, i will last country open last month and in a little bit cooler.


Everyone that now that i crazy letters now and last country from allies attention as well.

I need guy t let treat for families they can reserve there, your old one got more couches and chairs that the really great way for families to understand god, the smaller kids just need to kind of basically rear great home base.

Also, that's new food called picnic in the park also really great option for families and you can go online ahead of time and payments in chad or cauliflower different option package.

It and what time you want and i can be delivered to the rich.

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Placing the where everything right there for yourself or you little more hopping.

Call one 800 dilantin jabber.

Thank you so much.

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