What Illinois' legalization of recreational marijuana could mean for the state line

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Published on June 1, 2019 -

What Illinois' legalization of recreational marijuana could mean for the state line

On Friday, Illinois took the next steps closer to being the 11th state to legalize marijuana for recreational use, passing a bill that would do so through the House and Senate floors.


What Illinois' legalization of recreational marijuana could mean for the state line

Armed with a gun.

Illinois is just one step away from legalizing recreational marijuana.

Today, the state's house passed a bill what would allow those who are at least 21-years old to purchase and possess up to 30 grams of marijuana.

The bill has already passed the senate... and now goes to the governor's desk... who is expected to sign it.

With today's developments in illinois, local departments along the state line could be facing new challenges when it comes to drug enforcement.

Rock county reporter adam duxter joins us now with a closer look..


Well charlotte... it's no surprise that wisconsin shares a border with the state of illinois.... but as our neighbors to the south prepare to legalize pot..

Some feel..

It could bring a lot of people to the state line for a visit.

Less than a hundred yards... is all that separates the welcome signs from wisconsin and illinois near beloit..

The transition from one city to the other..

Seamless... law enforcement officials say those lines..

Blurred throughout the years... i've always said just because we're a bordering state doesn't mean crime stops at the state line.

But now... it's t the crime..

But the laws... that have people interested... as the state of illinois friday..

Passed a bill that would legalize recreational pot through the house and the senate.

1 32 00 that is one issue that seems to be at the nexis of a lot of people's concerns.

Yuri rashkin is a rock county board supervisor..

This past novemeber..

He worked to include a referendum to gague wisconsinites interest in legalization.

70 percent of voters said..

They'd vote yes..

Given the chance.

1 30 40 every time the issue comes up, there's overwhelming support in favor of legalization.

Now... weed will be legal..

Within sight of rashkin's beloit house.

Just not in the state he'd like.

1 33 12 i can imagine we're going to have quite a few people going down the street.

But just because the two states share a border..

Doesn't mean we share a law.

1 22 08 you're back in wisconsin, you're still subject to the laws of wisconsin, which obviously is that marijuana is illegal.

Rashkin says..


This could hurt more than just hurt more than just people looking to smoke.

1 35 02 i think we're looking at tremendous financial impact that's going to go south of the border, and money that people could have been spending in wisconsin, they're now going to be spending in illinois.

The bill in illinois is just waiting on one final signature... that of governor jp pritzker..

Who ran on the promise to legalize.

The bill would take effect january

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