Congressman Cloud tours the border

Credit: KAVU-TV Victoria, TX
Published on May 30, 2019 -
Congressman Michael Cloud invites the media to tour the border.

Congressman Cloud tours the border

Congressman michael cloud will tour the border thursday and friday.

Newscenter 25s griselda perez is covering the border trip and joins us live with more.


Yes james, we took a quick road trip to meet with cloud as he hosts other congressmen to take a look at the issues the state of texas faces - congressman cloud will meet with top border patrol officials at checkpoints like falfurrias- this checkpoint is also known for its detention center.

Cloud will get an exclusive tour of the facility to have a first hand look of what issues surrounds the greater community.

We're headed back to the border.

We've been there a few times.

We want to get an update on the situation.

It seems to have gotten worse every month.

We're looking to see how things are going, to get some intel information on what the cartels are doing.

Also we want to see if we can find some solutions to deal with the crisis.

Cloud will also have the opportunity to see the various methods used by border patrol including k9 searches and foot patrol.

Cloud will wrap up back in corpus christi.

We really want to invite our viewers to join us through our social media platforms as we really get an exclusive look into lawmakers perspectives on issues that affect our own communities.

In mcallen im griselda perez fyhtn customs and border protection awarded a 42-point-eight million dollar contract tuesday for a border wall.

It will cover three miles of a barrier on federal land in the rio grande valley area.

C-b-p says rio grande valley is the busiest sector for border crossings -- and is where

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