Egg Lady: Contortionist Incredible Egg Tacos

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Published on May 10, 2019 -
Egg Lady: Contortionist Incredible Egg Tacos

Egg Lady: Contortionist Incredible Egg Tacos

C1 all right.

Welcome back, the egg late is here.

Jo manhart.

Jane was here and said she made one of your recipes the last time you were here and it was fantastic.

>> hersheys float.

She loved it.

She didn't eat enough and i had to eat the rest.

>> i wish everybody who tries the recipe would write in.

This is based on a movie character called the cont contortionist.

>> that's the incredible, edible egg.

I'm supposed to make these eggs look as if a contortionist made them.

>> i have whipped this.

Isn't that cute?

>> that is cool.

A dollar at the local flea market.

Those who watch me know i try to never pay full price.

Here goes four eggs.

That you mixed up.

You know how i feel about salt.

Ask your doctor.


Ask your doctor.


We are going to make instead of continually scrambling these.

These will make them look like big waves.

Like the contortionist would.

>> i don't know if you can do that.

>> you don't have to.

I don't know if the eggs are going to cooperate either.

>> we can always hope.

But normally when i make scrambled eggs, i go like this so they look like cottage cheese.

And because i'm not using a glass skillet, i use the glass skillet to do the first step, which was kind of a hash looking thing.

>> but it's little chopped potatoes with their skins on and chorizo.

>> torture before vanessa helped me.

I threw them into the potatoes.

Put salt in them and they're chorizo was cooked through.

Now i'm going put these.

Make the eggs look like they have been contortionized.

>> great minds think alike.

They are looking pretty contortionist right now.

I'm waiting for this to continue to contort.

I will begin to fill corn tacos.

And i'm going to put in, this is a cheap recipe because a little bit goes a long way.

We will make four tacos out this.

I will put the eggs inside.

I will put them in the first contortionist egg goes in.

Come on.

It's so contorted that it doesn't want to stay still.

>> then, i put on sour cream.

Are you with me, camera?

Am i going all over the place?

>> that gives them a challenge.

We do not want them to get complacent and think they know how to do thing.

Then, you can't have because you do not like cilantro.

It's a wonderful herb and i hope i can convince you that you might want to try it.

>> you can try to convince me.

There's no cheese.

I mean so many things you cover and slather cheese and you can't taste the real ingredients.

>> we're going to take a real quick commercial break.

Let's put a c1 all right.

We're back and we have the contortionist eggs tacos.

>> and the contortionist incredible tacos.

>> yeah.

And as i was saying, the american egg board is putting a whole stack for each character.

I didn't quite know what to do with them.

I took them to the local theater.

I said everybody who buys a ticket for the incredible gets a recipe book and i gave them all away.

I had to get this one from the internet.

>> we're going to have vanessa come on up here.

She helped you out.

>> she certainly did.

>> thank you.

And the word is.


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