trump nra convention

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Published on April 27, 2019 -
trump nra convention

trump nra convention


3 the president of the united states is no longer in indiana but his words are still buzzing in the minds of supporters and protestors who heard him speak today.both president donald trump and vice president mike pence spoke at the national rifle association conference in 18's kayla sullivan is live with the surprises trump had for the crowd.

3 jeff, we all probably could have predicted trump would talk about his accomplishments as president, we figured he might bring up some guests on stage, and we knew there would be some jabs toward democrats.

But i don't think anyone in the room, including nra executives knew he was going to sign something live on stage.trump signed a letter to reject the united nations arms trade treaty.the nra and others opposed to the treaty say it was a threat to american's second amendment rights.after signing it, trump threw his pen to the audience.

Vice president mike pence said the nra stands for freedom.

However, local moms demand action for gun sense in america leader kathy parker says the nra stands for gun sales and doesn't do anything to save lives.

3<kathy: "there are some sensible laws that as a country, we could pursue, that would save lives while preserving the second amendment,"james: "anything that is written into law that takes away my right to bear arms is unconstitutional and eventually shall be overturned," 3 purdue student jay (dawn-uh-hee)

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