Boston area mayors reacts to President Trump's sanctuary city idea

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Published on April 13, 2019 - Duration: 01:24s

Boston area mayors reacts to President Trump's sanctuary city idea

President Donald Trump says that he is "strongly looking at" the idea of transporting migrants to so-called sanctuary cities that don't cooperate with federal immigration authorities.


Boston area mayors reacts to President Trump's sanctuary city idea

1:42 just saber- rattling,again.443:50 its just absurd.1:29 idont even know what that means.Mayors in Boston...Somerville...and Salem...all shaking their heads......over the latest comment fromPresident Trump..Threatening toflood immigrants into sanctuarycities.they want more people in theirsanctuary cities, well we'llgive them more people.we cangive them a lot.we can give them anunlimited supply.and lets see ifthey're soo happy.1:47 i dont even know if thepresident knows what he'stalking about with that.have no idea what he means.its counterintuitive to what hesays.he doesnt want immigrants inamerica, now he's going to droppeople off in cities aroundamerica.idont understand what thatmeans.59 1:18 its not a policy.we needed comprehensiveimmigration reform, not a policythat puts people in cages,separates parents and familiesandchildren and certainly not onethat just drops people off at acityline.thats not an imigration policy.30 There are questions...overwhether it's legal.Trump..previouslythreatened to withhold federalfunding to sanctuary cities..Now..this..2:07 its not somethingreally you can take seriously.its just sad.sad disappointing, and again,divisive.13 3:57 is itsomething you would fight?

Ourborders are open.there are no borders betweencities.02 5:42 we're not going to runaway from whowe are, our fact we're going to doubledown on who we are.46Of course...the Presidents idea...also suggests immigrants willstay in the cities where theyare dropped.Something mayorssay ...won't happen.Live in Somerville...SC WCVB NC5.

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