Bill Murray in the Bluegrass, Michelle’s signature tattoo, and more in What’s Poppin’

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Published on April 12, 2019 -
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Bill Murray in the Bluegrass, Michelle’s signature tattoo, and more in What’s Poppin’

C1 3 you for staying with you will love pop in on friday and still starting off with the story.

Th story moore's number ending the city of chicago doing empire the he just the injustice of the malacca over conch herself states that not funny in the public you not to recover financial damages jumpy ball statements related the internet reported that he was attacked b two men in january the of the earth him or seen the everything will day lisa later concluded he needs the internet remote an career interfaith disorderly conduct charge and actively job among other things alex recover more than 100 alex recover more than $130,000 in police overtim pay was spent investigating the case we can talk about whether or not that they were allowed to you will you now they are you you know you doing here in on like chicago you have bigger things blue spring you please understand that but already you enough talk i move in on the classic comes back to the big screen which is exciting ben hur rides again.

That's right, the 1959 epic one in the living record of actually 11 academy awards it's returning more than 600 us theaters you can actually catch it this sunday, april 14 and wednesday, april 17 check babineau for all the details the last part of the chariot of you and life will go i build a moderate darya millie transition life and a lot of things but she now wants to be lawyer to study or he cannot eat i think my i in my mouth the is not working to studying for the bar exam in california and he doing it without going to law or even taking l believe it or not she can pass the bar exam without a degree through something called reading all those warrior princess under practice lawyer for about 18 hours a week and it involved monthly pass and biannual progress report to sick i will allow you the i actually think of drop for wanting you this.

I think it i think that's a good step anytime your point of further educate your mind and you got on warriors have a bad rap they actually do a lot of the stuff as well to give the thing that confuses me is i realized you could is a california law.

This is cradle on six different the in the us you so are you going virginia message said it's california louisiana i know some of the consignment attorney juicers lawyer family the top people as well you keeping local bill murray hanging out lex biggest ak lexington hanging out at the bourbon on rye which i love location posted pictures of him behind the bar having some fun things also spotted having fun at the woodford reserve great s i like that that on the had the honor so anybody all the that you the bourbon than they were couple nine is i know he and what on in and out we go to me and out competitions the netfli yesterday and can called to the wife will be the home of the company franchises pixar marble and know that even national geographic that is rooted in the launch their own product exclusively for the service launch on november 12 cost $6.9 per month kid, this seems like gold you is more refuser which like to listen to get those

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