Warehouse Fire at FV Recycling Plant

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Published on March 25, 2019 -

Warehouse Fire at FV Recycling Plant

An unusual fire took place in Harrison County today.

Firefighters from across the Coast had to work tirelessly for hours to extinguish this dangerous situation.


Warehouse Fire at FV Recycling Plant

An unusal fire took place in- harrison county today.- fire fighters from across the - coast had to work tirelessly- for hours to extingish this - dangerous situation.- news 25's kristen anzuini was - the first reporter on the - scene this morning and has the- details.- - <nats>- pat sullivan, harrison county - fire marshal: - " the danger is that some of- this card board is stacked up - two stories, two and a- half stories tall, and when it- gets wet and starts burning the- start collapsing so it is - a danger to firefighters.

We- have to be very careful that we- - - - don't put firefighters in - collapse zones."- a monday morning fire burned- through nearly three- tons of paper and cardboard - boxes set for recycling at the- f-v recycling plant on- - - - hudson-krohn road in harrison - county.

- it started with a cardboard - palatte inside this warehouse.- one employee was working here - when the fire broke out.- pat sullivan, harrison county - fire marshal: - " he was doing some work- discovered some fire, saw smoke- and then saw a little bit of- flames so he grabbed a fire - extinguisher and tried to put - the fire out with the fire- extinguisher but the fire was - evidently greater than the- - - - amount the that fire- extinguisher could handle so he- called us and we arrived and ha- heavy fire- showing inside."- hundreds of gallons of water an- foam later...with help- from four other fire- departments, including the- one at keesler air force base - and the air national- guard...firefighters managed to- - - - put out the fire burning deep - inside these stacks of bundled- paper.- <nats>- standup-- - " for firefighters, a situation- like this one takes longer than- normal to put out.- they have to use heavy machiner- and take a part the boxes on by- one."

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