WA Gov., Attorney General send letter to gun dealers: "Don't be fooled," by opposition to new laws

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Published on March 8, 2019 -

WA Gov., Attorney General send letter to gun dealers: "Don't be fooled," by opposition to new laws

Washington's Governor and Attorney General have sent a joint letter to firearms dealers in counties where sheriffs have indicated they will not enforce the state's new gun laws.

The message is: "Don’t be fooled by I-1639 opposition."


WA Gov., Attorney General send letter to gun dealers: "Don't be fooled," by opposition to new laws

The firestorm following the passage of new gun restrictions rages on...... Today both the governor and the washington attorney general sent a letter to gun dealers in counties where law enforcement officials have said, they won't enforce initiative 1639..... Saying don't be fooled by their 16-39 strengthened washington gun laws, by raising the age to buy a semi automatic rifle to 21, enhancing background checks and requiring training and safe storage.


Our hawk hammer working for you tonight with what local gun dealers are saying after this standup:first up this letter sent to gun dealers today..... Closely follows this letter sent to sheriffs and police chiefs earlier this week with attorney general bob ferguson saying, they could be held liable, if they refuse to enforce certain sections of the law.

Pkg:we've covered it closely, as over the last few months, law enforcement leaders across the state, largely in eastern washington have said they will not or can not enforce 1639.

That law, passed in november with 60 percent approval.

But now this warning from the the attorney general-- in no uncertain terms telling gun dealers, if you are thinking of not following the law you could lose your license, and face criminal charges.

The message did not go over well at sharp shooting indoor range, where you can also buy a variety of guns.

12:20:30"it feels like bullies on a playground, there's a lot of pushing and shoving between the sheriffs assocation and the ag's office."she says the letter comes across as threatening.... But she's not worried.

12:21:34"it doesn't have any teeth, so i think its all politics."ball is planning to fight the new law in court-- but says the part already in effect, raising the age to buy semi automatic rifles from 18 to 21 hasn't really hit her that hard.

12:25:19"the clientele, 18-21 aren't typically buying that kind of product, shotguns are pretty common on that age"but she says come july first 1 when the rest of the requirements go into effect, she's expecting complications---12:25:40"i think we are going to see a change in our business."those other requirements enhanced background checks, charges to which will be handled locally, and additional training requirements.

But meantime, as she sees it, 12:25:06"we will see how fast the laws of justice turn."

I'm Hawk Hammer, KXLY 4 News.

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