Lindsey Vonn Stresses The Importance Of Uplifting Women

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Published on February 21, 2019 - Duration: 01:55s

Lindsey Vonn Stresses The Importance Of Uplifting Women

Lindsey Vonn believes in women supporting women.

She stresses how important it is to have a strong role model in your life to look up to and how she tries to be that person for young women who watched her shred the slopes.


Lindsey Vonn Stresses The Importance Of Uplifting Women

LINDSEY VONN: I mean, I think each generation, we lift each other up.

And you know, it's always important to have a strong role model to look up to and to know what's possible, and you know, what no one else has done before and what you are capable of doing.

Like Picabo was the reason why I wanted to be an Olympic athlete.

And if it weren't for her, I don't know if I would have strived to reach that level.

But I hope that, you know, I've, you know, inspired the next generation.

And Michaela will then inspire the next generation.

And we'll just keep, you know, raising the glass ceiling and make things a little bit easier for the ones to come.

- Yeah.

And I would think the ones to come.

But also, I'm sure, for you, when you had a young Michaela coming up, how did you have to adjust your performance to really make sure that you were elevating and continuing to do what you do?

LINDSEY VONN: I've kind of-- you know, my approach to ski racing is always just trying to give my best.

And I'm always a person that's gone 110% every race, which is most of the reason why I crash so many times.

But you know, my approach has never changed.

And you know, I think for me, as a-- you know, as I was the leader, because I'm old, on the team recently, you know, I've definitely felt a responsibility to help the younger girls and to help teach them everything I know.

Because you know, there's not-- everyone else my age is retired.

So you know, I really took on that role and tried as best as I could to teach those young girls.

I mean, Alice Merryweather is an up and coming athlete.

And she was at the World Championships.

And she has the potential to do great things.

So I really tried to help her.

And she's-- everyone's injured now, so she's literally the only person on the World Cup speed circuit, besides Michaela.

And that's a little tough.

So we have some work to do, trying to inspire the next generation and getting more athletes involved in ski racing.


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