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This morning - the eyewall of hurricane florence has began to make landfall in the carlolinas.

That as we take a live look at cape hatteras.

We have the latest on the massive storm - coming up on good morning northwest - also this morning - we have an update on the case of a local teen police say was hit by a car while basketball infront of his kennewick home.

Our bary roy is live in studio with those details - coming up dry start today but tracking some weekend rain chances - your forecast coming up.

3 up.

3 good morning and thank you for joining us.i'm jade redinger and i'm kristin walls 3 (toss to kristin) from the legends skycam from the 3 (toss to kristin) 3 wallsand i'm kristin 3 3 3 3 3 3 this morning - the hurricane florence has begun to make landfall in the carolinas.

That as we take a live look at (location) at (time) the effects of florence began to be felt in the area - thursday morning - since then - we have been recieving reports of flooding and power outages throughout the atlantic coast of that region.

Those reports coming as breaking overnight -florence - which now sits at category 1 statusis storm making its presence known dumping rain - bring high winds and even overflowing rivers and now we are learning of people - just in the town of new bern - home of 30 - thousand people - first responders received more than 150 calls for help as people who did not heed authorities warnings to get out - became standed in their homes.

Many of those homes actually flooded by overflowing rivers - rather than storm surge in that town.

Now we are recieving reports that folks inland in that region so prepare for "catastropic flooding" as t massive storm makes it their way.

Those reports coming as we get the first images of the impact florence into the kapp - kvew newsroom.

Our chief meteroliost kristin walls has been tracking florence overnight and has the latest.


3 this moring - we have an update on 3 several stories we have an update on this moring - we this moring - we have an update on several stories we have been following from across our region.

Our bary roy is in studio with the latest - good morning, bary?

Good morning to you jade, some new information just coming into the newsroom.

First - this morning we have an update on the case of a local teen who according to police - was hit by a car while playing basketball infront of his kennewick home.

Now we are learning - thursday - the kennewick polcie department served a search warrant at a home in the neighborhood where authorities say 17-year old kyle marboe hit by that car nearly two weeks ago.

K - p - d adds - the investigation into the case is still ongoing.

Marboe has been released from intensive care at harborview medical center and is listed in satisfactory condition.

Also this morning - we have an update on several fire that have taken place in zitnel canyon over the summe.r the most recent fire, which started on tuesday, burned nearly six acres and came close to several homes.

That blaze leading kennewick city officials to close a portion of the spirit of america trail between west 15th avenue and 24th avenue until further notice.

This morning - we spoke with the kennewick police department and they tell us they are investigating several of those previous fires in zintel canyon this summer as human caused.

As for the fire earlier this week, they tell us it is still under investigation this morning.

Also around america this morning - at least one person is dead.

That after the boston area thursday evenings.

Those blast coming due to an apparent gas leak - leaving dozens of homes and structures damaged.

The gas leaks also causing residents in at least 3 towns in the area to flee their homes as officials worked to control the situation.

Last nights explosions also left nearly 20 - thousand people - in the dark.

3 check this out - watch a robbery suspect's sticky fingers turn into butterfingers.

It happened when a thief tried to rob a vape shop in aurora, colorado.

In the video - you can see when the suspect tries to pull a bb-gun on the employee, and that's when things go wrong.

Once dropping the gun - the smooth crimninal quickly bails on the heist, nearly losing his pants on the way out.

Chat at (time) let's take a quick break here on good morning northwest... before we do..

From the legends skycam network, here's a look from richland's columbia point.

Plus chief meterologist kristin walls will have your kapp kvew first alert weather forcast.

Look at downtown yakima 3 powered byyour local ford store.your local ford store.

(full weather) store.your local ford yakima powered bylook at downtown yakima powered byyour local ford store.your local ford yakima powered by <<break 2>> 3 3 we are taking you to pendelton this morning where cowboys are lining the streets and the native tribe is also celebrating their traditions.

The roundup isn't just for those who love rodeos and barrel races.

It's also a time where the city can showcase itself to the hundreds of people who are roped in for the weeklong festivities.

Our monica hernandez is live in pendleton with a look all the fun events that the round up brings.

Good morning monica?

3 that's right guys.

There are plenty of reasons why hundreds of people pack into the city of pendleton.

The main street cowboys is one of those reasons.

Their a group of volunteers that set up fun free shows in the west.

Attendees can expect musical performances, magical acts, food and craft vendors.

3 how the business we'll show you how the business came to be.

And you might be wondering why i 3 at 6:30 on kapp-kvew local news.

Can't make it to can't make it to this weekend's pendleton round-up?

Check this out!

This weekend - the wrangler network is offering exclusive free coverage of one of the oldest and most prestigious rodeos in the world.

Events that will be included in this weekend's round-up - bareback bronc riding - , bull riding - steer roping and morre!

All the action gets underway online at 1: 15 today!

The central washington state fair, the biggest fair on our side of the state, begins it's 10 day run next friday and get this!

You could win a family four pack of ticketsincluding parking and tickets to one of the concerts or tickets to one of the concerts or grandstand shows.

All you have to do is click on abc all stars at yak tri news dot com to enter.

Then we'll select 5 winners at random to send to yakima's central washington state fair.

Good luck!

3 so one town in missouri is finding itself in the headlines - due to it's unique name.

That town's name - uranus.

The roadside attraction that bills itself as a town makes jokes about its name all over its own website but now - some are saying the development's new newspaper goes too far.

The name of that paper - the uranus examiner.

("the uranus examiner.

We ha thought about constitution, but most of our, people who love us, and who were part of our, people who love us, we had thought about ("the uranu examiner.

3 ("the uranus examiner.

We ha thought about constitution, but most of our, people who love us, and who were part of coming up with the name, liked the 'examiner' better," and get this - due to the paper's name - even the city's mayor refuses to put any of the legal notices the city is required to publish in the required to publish in the 3 uranus examiner.

3 3 3 3 this morning - hurricane florence has made landfall in 3 the carolinas.

We have the latest of this massive storm we have tracking overnight - in our next half hour.

You're waking up with good morning northwest.

We'll be right back.

<<break 3>>3 3 (weather with dry and quiet on the radar.

3 the radar.

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