Flood Victims Seek Temporary Shelter at RGV Hotels

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Published on August 29, 2018 -

Flood Victims Seek Temporary Shelter at RGV Hotels

Several local hotels have reached capacity after June’s floods had residents seeking temporary shelter.


Flood Victims Seek Temporary Shelter at RGV Hotels

Out by floods are beginning to move back home.

For the first time in weeks - - rooms are opening up again at previously- booked hotels.

Channel 5's sierra pizarro is live with details.


From four rooms to four walls.

While hotel staff tended the lobby, guests faced cramming what's left of their homes into a single room.

Today marks one month since heavy rain washed over the rio grande valley.

I know they said it was going to rain, but i didn't think it was going to come that fast and that hard.

It was really, really bad.

Lilia gonzalez is just one of the guests at ryan meredith's hotel.

In the past month, this building took on new meaning.

It's home away from home.

Since flooding hit, all 82 rooms, here, filled up for two weeks straight.

The hidalgo housing authority, they came and they booked a bunch of families in here.

Gonzalez and her son - one of those families taken here... from a three bedroom house to one room.

They've stayed here for the past month.

It's been pretty rough because he's already 18 today.

He needs his privacy.

I don't have any privacy.

We've been here for almost 30 days.

One bathroom, we don't have a kitchen to cook in.

No corner left empty.

This is the reality for evacuees still stuck with nowhere to go.

Now, it's starting to come down a little bit.

A lot of people are starting to go back to their houses; they're getting help, and starting to remodel.

We went back to gonzalez's once underwater neighborhood.

Her things are sitting on the curbside -- the same as her neighbors.

Debris and pod after pod line the streets.

The sight brings her to tears.

I'm just, um, i'm worried.

She shows us what the flood took, from her phone: clothes... scarves ruined in the water, on top of other stuff.

Furniture... that's the chair - got ruined.

Also a tv ruined, along with some linen.

She says what hurts the most are the memories taken away, like the childhood books she once read to her children.

It was just hard.

It was hard to go into the house, and see so much stuff ruined.

A lot of it was sentimental stuff, and i had to throw it away.

Gonzalez is staying positive.

She shares this message for her neighbors.

I hope that, you know, everyone recovers from this flood.

It was bad.

Gonzalez soon plans to move into an apartment until her home is liveable again.

We're told at least eight families flooded out of their homes are still living in meredith's hotel.

Live in studio, sierra pizarro, channel 5 news at

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