Trailer Stolen Off Land in Willacy Co.

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Published on August 28, 2018 -

Trailer Stolen Off Land in Willacy Co.

The sheriff advises people to lock up their belongings to prevent property theft.


Trailer Stolen Off Land in Willacy Co.

A warning from willacy county's top cop tonight about keeping a close watch over your property.

At 5... we told you about one family-- used to having crops taken from time to time, now they're dealing with a bigger loss.

Channel 5's... carolina cruz is live... in la sara with tips-- you should follow to prevent from becoming... the next victim.

La sara is a quiet town.

Thieves are taking advantage of that.

A farming family borrowed a low trailer .

Then parked it here.

That trailer is now gone.

Thefts are on the rise.

The most recent victim is s&s fruit and vegetable company.

A trailer was snatched right off their land.

Nobody has ever bothered it but someone walked off with it this time they're not alone.

Willacy county sheriff larry spence says a trailer was taken from a trucking company in town earlier this year.

It doesnt stop there for some time now ,maybe the last 3-4 months we've had an occasional theft, of trailers or lawn mowers, bicycles, that type of thing sheriff spence says folks should lock up their belongings to prevent their property from winding up in the hands of a thief.

If it does, here's what you can do to help investigators backtrack your stolen possessions.


First of all mark your stuff, trailers or whatever.

It's hard to recover something or even if you do recover it's hard to give it back to the owner if they can't identify it in some way that includes engravings or signage that cant be easily removed a lot of times we got stuff that sits in the evidence room that we can't really return to anybody because it's no way to identify it sheriff spence says with the summer months ahead, more folks will hit the streets.

Those with bad intentions will be watching, ready to take what's not theirs at a moments notice.

Sheriff spence says you should take pictures of any valuable belonging in case they are stilen.

If not for police, at least so it can processed with your insurance company.

Reporting live in la sara, carolina cruz, channel 5 news at 6.

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