Pineville Native Remembers "Jesse James" Being Filmed in Tow

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Published on August 26, 2018 -
Pineville Native Remembers "Jesse James" Being Filmed in Tow

Pineville Native Remembers "Jesse James" Being Filmed in Tow

More than 75 years ago the movie 'jesse james' was filmed right here in the four states.

Action 12's austin hyslip joins us live in the newsroom austin, where you able to find someone that was there when the cameras started rolling.

Yes i was andy and he said there were tons of people in the area so his mom told him to use that to his advantage.

Jim smith pineville native "my mother said jim, it's an opportunity for you to make some money."austin hyslip the streets of downtown pineville were filled with carnival rides today, but more than 75 years ago they were filled with dirt for a movie.jim smith pineville native "and we found out they were going to film but we didn't know what it was at the time."

It would be the jesse james movie and smith's mom bought some drinks for a nickel.jim smith pineville native "and i sold them to all the people around here for 25 cents."

While he was making money his sister was making her hollywood debut.

Jim smith pineville native "she walked to the end of the sidewalk and went like this and that was her total acting job."

Decades later smith is still proud of his sister.jim smith pineville native "and we see the movie once and a while and i say that's her,right there."

He even remembers seeing the movie for the first time.

Jim smith pineville native "and we went to see it, it was actually the first time it played in the area and we were so impressed with it and it was lovely to go with my grandmother too."

Some of the buildings from that movie set became iconic for pineville.

Greg sweeten chief pfd " the original courthouse was in the movie there was different businesses around the square at the point but there were thousands and thousands that came here to try out to be actors in the movie."

For more than 50 years now, the city has held a festival celebrating its time spent on the silver screen with four days of events, including games, music and a car giveaway.greg sweeten chief pfd "this is one of the largest events mcdonald county has."

But the event it's not just for fun.greg sweeten chief pfd "and then the fire department took it over in the 80's and ever since as a fundraiser for the volunteer fire department.

Pineville fire chief greg sweeten says the volunteer fire department will actually raise more than 20 thousand dollars.

Andy, as mr. smith was telling me about what it looked like when they were filming i could almost see the old western play out.


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