More snow expected at Mt. Charleston during holiday weekend

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Published on August 24, 2018 -

More snow expected at Mt. Charleston during holiday weekend

Snow is falling at Mt.

Charleston and people from the valley are flocking up to the mountains to have some fun.


More snow expected at Mt. Charleston during holiday weekend

Rush at mount charleston is on!

Earlier today, nhp briefly shut down the roads up to the mountain following heavy snow and traffic.

((denise valdez)) >> 8 news now reporter karen castro made the trip there... where she spoke to visitors hoping for a white christmas.

((karen castro - reporting: a lot of excitement, a lot of happy families they enjoy this snowy day on mount charleston.

Meanwhile, preparations are underway for the busy holiday weekend ahead.)) ((snow plows)) ((karen castro)) the snow plows are going.... ((snow blowers )) ((karen castro)) snow blowers are in full gear.... ahead of a long holiday weekend.

((jada hapitana - visiting hotel: getting snow on christmas day would be like really cool because like down in like vegas you don't really get it and it's like a new experience to have when you have snow on christmas.)) ((karen castro)) it will be a white christmas on mount charleston where hotel rooms and cabins are completely booked.

((andy glindmeyer - staying at mt.

Charleston lodge: it's awesome.

I mean, the cabins are really nice inside.

There's a fire place, you can let the dog-- she really enjoys it as well.

The girls enjoy it.

It's a good time.)) ((karen castro)) but it's not all fun and games.

((ray johnson - us forest service: we've been very busy unfortunately, spending a lot of our time picking up a lot of trash.)) ((karen castro)) in the last 24 hours, u-s forest service has picked up a dump truck load of trash.

((ray johnson - us forest service: there are a few dumpsters through out the mountain.

It would be great if people use those but instead of leaving it out here in places like the snow play areas like lee meadows.)) ((karen castro)) help is on the way.... six rangers from out of state will be lending a hand in the coming days.... when thousands of families will be having fun in the snow.

((brian ford likes the snow: it's beautiful out here.

I'm originally from colorado so this is a little home away from home.

Karen castro - reporting: it's expected to snow possibly through the weekend so remember it may be required to have chains for vehicles that don't have either 4-wheel drive or snow tires.

Karen castro, 8 news now.)) )) ((dave courvoisier)) >>> the u-s forest service also recommends packing a bag of sand in case vehicles get stuck in the snow.

N-h-p will be out in full force ticketing anyone blocking the roads./// ((weather

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