Women pilgrims throng Shiva temple on beginning of Shravan month

News unlimited - July 29, 2018

Siliguri (West Bengal), Jul 29 (ANI): Hundreds of women conducted a religious rally to a temple of Lord Shiva in West Bengal’s Siliguri on Sunday to mark the beginning of a holy month of Shravan.

Women dressed in saffron were seen walking during the rally while holding holy water of river Bagmati in earthen pots.

Later the river water was used in performing holy Hindu ritual at a local temple, popularly known as, Chanmuni temple.

Every year, more than five million devotees from different parts of the country visit temples over a period of 30 days to pay obeisance to Lord Shiva during the auspicious month of ‘Shravan’.

Devotees seek the blessing of Lord Shiva for the peace and prosperity of their families by taking holy baths and offering prayers.

According to the Hindu calendar, Shravan is the fifth holy month and Shravani Fair begins on Shravan Amavasya in the Shravan month and ends on Shravan purnima..


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