Federal Judge Clears AT&T-Time Warner Merger

Newsy Studio - June 12, 2018

A federal judge just gave the go-ahead for AT&T to buy Time Warner, a deal that will further consolidate media ownership.


Federal Judge Clears AT&T-Time Warner Merger

A federal judge has given the green light for AT&T to buy Time Warner.

That could have far-reaching implications in an industry that's about to be controlled by one fewer company.

The Justice Department hadย  sued to try to stop ย the merger, saying AT&T could theoretically charge competing companies more money to carry Time Warner content like CNN or HBO.

AT&T said it won't do that, since it wants its content to get wide distribution.

Once the merger is complete, AT&Tย  will have control over ย its wireless company, satellite TV provider DirecTV and the Warner Bros.

Movie studios, which churn out major franchises.ย 

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