Latin America

Region of the Americas where Romance languages are primarily spoken

Latin America is a group of countries and dependencies in the Western Hemisphere where Romance languages such as Spanish and Portuguese are predominantly spoken; it is broader than the terms Ibero-America or Hispanic America. The term comes from the fact that the predominant languages of the countries originated with the Latin language. Most of the countries of Latin America speak Spanish and are populated by a mixed-race population. The term "Latin America" was first used in an 1856 conference with the title "Initiative of the Americas. Idea for a Federal Congress of the Republics", by the Chilean politician Francisco Bilbao. The term was used also by Napoleon III's French government in the 1860s as Amérique latine to consider French-speaking territories in the Americas, along with the larger group of countries where Spanish and Portuguese languages prevailed, including the Spanish-speaking portions of the United States Today, areas of Canada and the United States where Spanish and French are predominant and are typically not included in definitions of Latin America even if technically speaking they are.

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Despite the coronavirus outbreak in Brazil, Luiz Renato Ribeiro Júnior, who is homeless, still tries to sell candy every day in Sao Paulo, Latin America's..
Credit: Reuters - Published 8 hours ago

Activists in Latin America are scrambling to house and feed animals abandoned by owners who misguidedly fear their pets will infect them with the coronavirus or..
Credit: Reuters - Published 1 day ago

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — Brazilian health officials grappling with the new coronavirus outbreak have issued a stark warning about a lack of hospital beds, masks,..
4 days ago • WorldNews
Mask manufacturer 3M says the move would have "significant humanitarian implications".
Credit: BBC News - Published 5 days ago

Every day, Fontus Pierre Raymond wakes up at the crack of dawn to get in line to fill buckets of water at the communal tap in his densely-packed Port-au-Prince..
Credit: Reuters - Published 5 days ago

Vanesa Jaimes studied to become an administrative worker in Venezuela's health care system, but these days she could be more accurately described as a teacher -..
Credit: Reuters - Published 6 days ago

Ecuador was one of the first nations in the region to identify a coronavirus case. Experts say it may offer a frightening glimpse of what awaits Latin America in..
Credit: - Published 6 days ago

Some Americans, from young backpackers to retirees, are hunkering down for the coronavirus pandemic far from home in Latin America, saying they feel safer and..
Credit: Reuters - Published 1 week ago

When the Chilean government announced a total quarantine last week for the wealthy eastern areas of capital Santiago where cases of coronavirus were most..
Credit: Reuters - Published 1 week ago

It appears that Twitter has taken down two coronavirus tweets from Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s account. Latin American journalists and media experts..
1 week ago • WorldNews
President Jair Bolsonaro visited a market area just outside the Brazilian capital on Sunday to press home his case for keeping Latin America's largest economy..
Credit: Reuters - Published 1 week ago

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