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Newly-tapped White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci acknowledged Saturday that he is deleting old tweets from his personal Twitter account that..
11 hours ago • FOXNews.com

Anthony Scaramucci

Following a shake-up in the White House communications staff, the new boss is a combative New York financier, businessman and lawyer Anthony Scaramucci.
17 hours ago • NPR

Reach Deal / North Korea

The sanctions would punish three countries; the bill also aims to prevent President Trump from relaxing sanctions without lawmakers' consent. A House vote is..
8 hours ago • NPR

Complete Power

It's not clear if he can pardon himself.
14 hours ago • Huffington Post

York Times

The tweet appears to reference a 2015 story about intelligence on the ISIS leader's whereabouts
16 hours ago • CBS News


John McCain

After John McCain's cancer was announced, many people heaped praise on the senator. McCain gave a moving concession speech the night he lost the presidency to..
17 hours ago • NPR

Russia Sanctions

A senior House Democrat says congressional negotiators have reached an agreement on a sweeping Russia sanctions package, to punish Moscow for meddling in U.S...
14 hours ago • Newsmax

Hope Hicks

Trump's 28-year-old communications adviser has earned the president's trust by letting him do just as he pleases when it comes to dealing with the press.
17 hours ago • Politico

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