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Johnny Depp / Donald Trump

Actor Johnny Depp is under fire after making a crack about assassinating President Donald Trump. 

The “Pirates of the Caribbean” star was in..
12 hours ago • Huffington Post

Trump Calls

After suggesting Republicans opposed to the House healthcare bill should be primaried, President Donald Trump struck a softer tone in response to the four GOP..
3 hours ago • RTTNews

North Korea / Otto Warmbier

North Korea is claiming they are the "biggest victim" in the death of an American student detained for more than a year who died days after he was released in a..
4 hours ago • cbs4.com

Healthcare Bill

A Senate Republican plan to repeal and replace Obamacare is not a healthcare bill, according to former President Barack Obama. Obama said in a post on Facebook..
1 hour ago • RTTNews

Woody Johnson

Trump also announced he's picked former co-owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers to serve as ambassador to Belgium
4 hours ago • CBS News



The Senate GOP health care bill needs support from at least 50 of the 52 Republican Senators in order to pass, but some are raising concerns. Politico health..
3 hours ago • CBS News

Saudi Arabia

Today, Saudi Arabia and its sycophant allies (Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt) have resorted to extortion in their dealings with Qatar. This internal..
8 hours ago • Huffington Post

Pregnant Women

Lawmakers in New Hampshire scrambled to close a legal loophole on Thursday after passing a piece of legislation that, on paper, may have allowed pregnant women..
8 hours ago • Huffington Post

Canadian Sniper

The shot has been independently confirmed as the new world military record at 3,540 metres
17 hours ago • Globe and Mail

Refute Russian

President Donald Trump seemed obsessed with the Russia probe, DNI Dan Coats told a House panel on Thursday, and the president asked him repeatedly to say..
16 hours ago • Newsmax



(Reuters) - A U.S. district court judge in Michigan has temporarily blocked the deportations of more than 100 Iraqi nationals until a decision is reached over..
18 hours ago • Reuters

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