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Theresa May's pledge to EU nationals has left senior European officials unimpressed.

European Council president Donald Tusk was underwhelmed..
3 hours ago • City A.M.


The ECB is concerned that its authority over the trading may be weakened after Brexit
6 hours ago • Independent

Uber Employees / Travis Kalanick

Uber employees have rallied behind former chief executive Travis Kalanick, with a petition being circulated demanding that he is..
9 hours ago • City A.M.


The National Audit Office (NAO) has condemned the planned nuclear power station at Hinkley Point C as a “risky and expensive project with uncertain strategic..
18 hours ago • City A.M.


The troubled Japanese electronics giant delays its final earnings report again as its losses worsen.
7 hours ago • BBC News

Hotpoint / Grenfell Tower

The tragic blaze at Grenfell Tower was started by a Hotpoint fridge freezer, the Metropolitan Police confirmed this morning.

Detective chief..
7 hours ago • City A.M.

Premier Inn / Cladding

The chain says three hotels are affected - but the cladding is 'less flammable' than Grenfell Tower.
18 hours ago • BBC News

Facebook Launches

Facebook is taking action today to tackle online extremism and hate speech with a new programme, the Online Civil Courage Initiative (OCCI).

13 hours ago • City A.M.

Senate Health

The GOP’s Senate health care bill was unveiled Thursday, but Tennessee’s two Republican senators have not indicated how they’ll vote on the bill. "I don't..
4 hours ago • bizjournals

Senate Health Care Bill

The fate of the Trump Government's prestige legislation to repeal and replace Obama-era healthcare plan has turned uncertain with four Republican Senators..
5 hours ago • RTTNews


Theresa May

Sterling has climbed this morning in response to Prime Minister Theresa May's promise to allow 3m European Union citizens living in the UK the right to remain..
4 hours ago • City A.M.

Virgin Media

Nearly 1m customers of Virgin Media have been warned to change the passwords on their smart hubs after an investigation found one of its models was vulnerable to..
11 hours ago • City A.M.

Hinkley Point

The NAO has produced a scathing report on a prestige project that could cost more than any tinpot tyrant's folly
3 hours ago • Independent


PARIS (Reuters) - Europe is embarking on an expensive and politically charged effort to develop a new combat jet that will shape the future of the European..
2 hours ago • Reuters

Al Jazeera

News companies hate becoming the story. Unfortunately for Qatar's state-backed media network Al Jazeera, it's now the focus of a diplomatic crisis in the Middle..
2 hours ago • CNNMoney


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