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Americans were collectively looking to the sky on Monday through telescopes, special protective glasses, cameras, and self-made pinhole boxes as the moon began blotting out the sun in the first full-blown solar eclipse to move across the U.S. from the west coast all the way to the east coast in..
5 hours ago • WorldNews
Their eyes! THEIR EYES!! On Monday, North America freaked out when it got the chance to watch a total solar eclipse โ€” where the Moon fully blocks the Sun while passing between the Sun and Earth โ€” and the entire thing was pretty amazing. Related: Twitter Reacts To The Total Solar Eclipse! Not..
3 hours ago • Perez Hilton
Taylor Swift, fresh off her pretty boss sexual harassment suit win, posted a cryptic video to her social media accounts today, having annihilated her previous social media presence just a few days prior. In it, there appears to be a snake's tail, or maybe one belonging to a dragon: [ more โ€บ ]
6 hours ago • Gothamist
Catalan police announced they "shot down" a person on Monday who appeared to be wearing an explosive belt in the area of Subirats, west of Barcelona, but they did not say if he was dead or wounded, according to Reuters. Spanish public television said the man was the suspected perpetrator of last..
7 hours ago • WorldNews
Can you use your cell phone in selfie mode to view the solar eclipse? Is it safe to watch the eclipse today on your smart phone? With the Great American Eclipse happening on Monday, August 21, 2017 (8/21/2017) there are different positions on one of the popular eclipse hacks making its way around the..
7 hours ago •

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