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- almost thanksgiving, here on th- news 25 friday- night showcase... alongside - grace boyles... i'm jeff- haeger... and we- certainly have a lot to give- thanks for, don't we?

- of course we do, jeff... howeve- it's not about us... four local- schools thankful to still be- playing football into - late november... with a trip to- the south state finals on the - line.

- i guess we can all be thankful- for that... but like you said..- d'iberville warriors... right - now, it's all about them and- their quest for perfection... - being put to the test in the- second round... against - northwest rankin.

- and talk about evenly matched..- cougars beating ocean springs b- three, last week... warriors- beating ocean springs by three,- in the regular season...- something's gotta give.

- opening drive for northwest - rankin... warriors in need- of a stop... and they get one..- ke-vawn edwards deciding that - ball no longer belongs to the - other team... and logan forsyth- says i'll take that... thank yo- very much... huge momentum- swing,- in the early going... cougars - having already picked up- several first downs, on the - drive.- now we all know about justin- walley... but the ensuing - possession was all about justic- davis... perhaps the un-sung- hero, of the d'iberville- offense... picking up a big tim- third down, on the ground... an- then another one... through - the air... and grace... gotta - love this... making sure the- opposition knows the chains are- moving... and - then one more time... quick - pitch right side... shaking - loose - down the sideline... yet anothe- first down, for the - senior... but eventually... the- warriors would turn it over on- downs.- however... the d'iberville- defense would hold... caleb - parten looking for something...- - anything... but he's brought- down hard by kam williams...- killa kam... northwest- rankin would have to punt it- away.

- second quarter now... warriors- trying to cash in this time...- that's- drey lenoir... shoots himself - out of a cannon... probably the- same one that scares me after - - - - every touchdown... and that's - almost a touchdown right- there... but his elbow goes - down at the half-yard line.

- and grace... i know you're- wondering... where is he... mr.- walley... mr. football... there- he is... touchdown- warriors... the three-star- minnesota commit had three- of those, last week... picking- up right where he left off... - d'iberville goes up, 7-nothing.- but not for long... parten- leading the cougars right - back down the field... and find- haden mc-kee, for the - touchdown... the same guy that- fumbled earlier... making - up for it... however... walley- would deny the extra- point... his seventh blocked- kick of the year... 7-6 home- team.

- and walley would get things - going, on the ensuing - drive... literally throwing - defenders to the ground...- yuck... - he just stiff arms different...- he does pretty much everything- different... first down - warriors.

- less than two minutes to go by- the way... but dwight williams- is cool and calm under- pressure... the team captain...- scrambling to his left and sees- colton de-shazo... who gets - not one... but two feet in... - that catch is good in college - and the n-f-l... you remember m- - - rule, right grace?

One big catc- every game, for that kid... - except... this- time... he's breaking that- rule... williams... back- shoulder... - and it's de-shazo with the un-- believable catch... warriors- would get up and spike it with- 32 seconds left to go... no - timeouts... but they don't need- 'em.- we've seen this movie before...- many, many times... pitch to- walley... touchdown walley... - his second of the - game... what else is new... - that's a rhetorical question...- because the answer is nothing.- d'iberville goes into the half- with a 14-6 lead... but this on- is- really gonna hurt... like...- really hurt... 29-28 heart- - breaker... first loss of the- year, for d'iberville... one- point away- from south state... wow...- - - - warriors finish with an overall- record... of 10-1.- - - - - okay, grace... serious- question... in michigan... did- you ever see anything that even- closely resembled what- happened to pascagoula, last- week?

- no, jeff... i don't think anyon- has... however, that's the worl- we're living in... getting the- equivalent to a first round bye- due to covid-19... the panthers- putting themselves in - that situation by winning a - four- way tie-breaker... for th- region 4- class 5-a district championship- part of that tie-breaker was a- head-to-head win over - hattiesburg... and as fate woul- have it... now a second - round re-match.

- 1.opening kickoff... kicker - caden chisolm with the kick...- defensive back walton thompson- back for the tigers...- thompson makes his way all the- way back to the 47 for the 40 - yard return.- 2.

Next play... quarterback - jordan willis calls his own - - - - number... and takes a 53-yard - trip to the house on only the - second play of the game.

Tigers- go on to miss the extra point,- however, they still get on the- board first, 6 - nothing.

- 3.

Panthers with their first- offensive possession of - the game... quarterback keilon- parnell... throws up this 25- yard pass to receiver houston - johnson who - makes it all the way to - hattiesburg's 35.

Pascagoula- moves the sticks for the first- down.

- 4.

Same series... parnell - attempts a pass to receiver - jaylan- thompson... dropped by thompson- however there's - a flag on the play for pass - interference and the panthers - get - the first down.

- 5.

Next play.... ball pops up i- the air in the backfield and- linebacker chanse duckworth is- there to snatch - and run it all the way back to- the endzone for the 88-yard - touchdown.

Tigers get the extra- point this time and go up 13- - zip.- 6.

Later in the first... parnel- fighting off tigers right and - left... breaks away for the 20- yard run and the pascagoula - first - down.

- 7.

First and goal... parnell- dumps it off to runningback - kayvon barnes who is tackled- just short of the goal line.- 8.

Next play... parnell fakes - the handoff and cruises into th- - - - endzone for the 4 yard score...- his 23rd touchdown of - his sophomore campaign.

Panther- get on the board, - however still trailing the- tigers, 13 - 7.


Second - quarter... willis finds open- - - field and picks up 12 yards on- the keeper.

First and goal- tigers- 10.

Next play... willis finishe- what he started and punches it- in- for the 4-yard t-d, his second- rushing score of the- night...hattiesburg extends its- lead, 19 - 7.

- 11.

Ensuing possession... - parnell escapes to the- sideline... - gets the pascagoula first down- and adds 40 rushing yards to- his 732 already this season.- - - - 12.

Panthers unable to- capitalize on parnell's big run- and settle for a 35-yard field- goal attempt by chisholm... - which - goes wide left... tigers still- on top, 19 -7.- chisholm will come in clutch fo- the panthers though later in- the game... kicking a 35-yard - field goal to send it into- overtime, tied at 32.

- chishom also goes on to kick th- game-winning field goal in o-t.- pascagoula beating the tigers,- - - - 35 -32 to advance to the the- third round of class 5a playoff- for the first time since- 2012.

- panthers will face west jones - next friday, who defeated laure- earlier this evening, 42 - 21.- - last but not least... - poplarville vying for its - fifth consecutive trip to the - south state title - game... on the road at north- pike.

- and the hornets came to play...- already up 13 with six minutes- left in the first... d-j- richard-bey gets the hand off u- the middle- - - - to increase the lead.

- north pike couldn't do anything- with their ensuing possession..- nate anderson with a big- throw... the full - back gregory swann with the - catch for another - - - touchdown.- and this was the story for nort- pike... bad snaps and - - - - interceptions... torry polk wit- the tip drill snag... but north- pike does show some life after- another bad snap... jermarius - lewis finds his guy jacoby- matthews in the endzone.- but it was the popularville hig- school show...- hornets win big... and i mean - big... 62-6... what other way - would you - wanna punch your ticket to sout- state... once again...- fifth time in a row... gotta- love it... we've got two... in- south - state.- - alright grace, time for the w-- x-x-v play of the day... which- goes- to the m-g-c-c-c football - team... for attempting to bring- - - - a chainsaw onto the field...- before last night's game- against jones college.- now of course... i was at this- game... but showed up right - - - at kick-off... and i missed - it... so thank you to alyssa- newton- for allowing us to use your - video... since i'm the literal- worst... and as you might - guess... the referees shut- this down... pretty quick...- like immediately.

- - - -

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