Senate Debate

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Published on October 13, 2020 -

Senate Debate

Resort more about this ... c1 3 thank you, melissa would begin this morning with election 20/2 coverage.

The first and possibl only debate between syndrome an mitch mcconnell ... and democratic point amy mcgrath's rep ... the night was a simple affair and highlighted what many are you ... hearing a lot of and ... mcgrath marine mom ... mcconnell majority leader ... of the debate hosted by w k y t and the university of tuckey's ... government began with the pandemics running the first ... third of the debate on that issue ... the first and possibly only debate between senate incumbent republic mitch mcconell and democratic opponnent amy mcgrath is a wrap.

The night was a civil affair...and highlighted what many are used to hearing...a lot of "m's" rine and mcconnell ....majority leader.

L3: election 2020 white mcconnell-mcgrath debate but the debate hosted by wkyt and the university of kentucky student government began with the pandemic...spending the first third of the debate on the issue.

Mcgrath shared her disapproval with the federal response...while mcconnell touted his relief package passed in march.

But the overarching theme..does mcconnell's powerful position as senate majority leader matter enough to kentuckians to keep him there?

I mcgrath: "how's kentucky looking?

Are you better off than you were 6 years ago?"

Mcconnell:"or do you want to continue to have one of the 4 congressional leaders from our state looking out for kentucky."

Other topics included..supreme court nomination... breonna taylor and police well as abortion...and the coal

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