Notre Dame School in Chico goes back to in-person classes

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Published on October 6, 2020 -

Notre Dame School in Chico goes back to in-person classes

Notre Dame Catholic School in Chico is holding in-person classes for students for the first time since the start of the pandemic.


Notre Dame School in Chico goes back to in-person classes

Catholic school in chico is holding in person classes for all students today for the first time since the pandemic was announced.

Action news now reporter 'amy lanski' was there today to see all the happy faces..

And explain what obstacles students are now facing.

### "i like it more than at school it's more fun because you get to see all your classmates.

" patrick matthews is a sixth grader and talked about what social distancing is like.

"it's pretty easy in the classroomss, but then when you are playing around outside it's harder, but it's possible."

The school had to get a waiver approved by butte county to have kindergarten through sixth graders return.

Principal marci johnson explained getting a plan together was the first, and hardest step.

Marci johnson - principal "how do we get them ready to wash their hands how to we keep sanatizing before and after kits?"

Amy standup: "johnson explained the desks can be closer together vertically, but they have to be at least 3-5 feet apart."

"in our classrooms where we have a few more kids, we've taken and we have some kids in the class and some kids out of the class so we can accomodate the vertical spacing."

The principal added they can do 3-5 feet because the kids are required to wear masks.

They also are helping the kids social distance in the hallway.

Amy standup: "johnson said it is kind of like the grocery store because everyone is going in and out one direction and you can see they even have arrows on the floor to help the kids."

"it's a whole little dance we are keeping kids going in one direction and out one direction at all times it's one of those things we have to do to keep social distance."

At lunch the kids are also required to stay with their grades.

"so just like when you go to the restaurant with your family you can eat and take off your mask so these guys are all in the same cohort so those were sixth graders and they stay with their sixth grade group."

Even with the changes..

'matthews' says..

After seven months..

He's happy to be back at school.

"i have wanted to come back to school.

I like it more at school."

All the classes at notre dame are limited to 20-23 kids.

Reporting from chico.

Amy lanski.

Action news now.

Coverage you can count on.

Principal johnson added they are hoping to get their seventh and eighth graders back on campus october 13th.

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