National Custodian day

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Published on October 3, 2020 -
National Custodian Appreciation day

National Custodian day

Custodian appreciation day!

Since the start of the pandemic...custodian s have been on the front lines ensuring schools are clean and disinfected for students and staff.

Notre dame students are in- person five days a week.

Newschannel two's brent kearney spoke with a custodian there...about how the job has changed.

John major has been a custodian at notre dame high school for 26 years.

And knows the place inside and out.


None .

None "yea from the cellar tower all the way up to the rooftop."

Since the pandemic, he says his daily workload has increased.

When he's not ensuring the school is abiding by the safety protocols, john is making sure every room, hallway and doorknob is clean and sanitized.

"once they said they were going to open up, we started moving furniture and it got really busy."

To give me an idea of what it takes to keep an entire school building clean during covid, i walked around with john as he made his rounds throughout the building "after every lunch period we have to go through with the display just spray em down and let them sit for a little bit."

Its alot of work, but its valued by fellow staff every day.

Especially by the school's new assistant principal danea hurd "without them, whatever we need he's been there to help out.

We're also recreating and creating classrooms in small spaces and without john's leadership we wouldnt be where we are today."

A daily routine keeping your kids healthy, in utica brent kearney news channel 2> a traffic alert, this weekend, in downtown utica.

There are lane closures on and knows the place inside anout.


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