CDC Report Suggests Low Chance of Getting Flu This Season

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Published on September 24, 2020 -

CDC Report Suggests Low Chance of Getting Flu This Season

Flu activity is historically low across the globe this year, due to increased health and safety practices brought on by COVID-19.


CDC Report Suggests Low Chance of Getting Flu This Season

--- as the season begins to change ---- the potential of covid-19 mixing with the flu - this fall -- could have been a harsh end to an already relentless year.

But a new report by the c- d-c suggests the u.s. could be catching a much-needed break.

44news reporter valerie lyons explains.

While it possible we could be at risk from covid-19 and the flu at the same time chances of actually getting the flu this season are low.

A new c-d-c report says flu activity is historically low in the u.s. this year.

Because people are wearing masks socially distancing increasing hygiene practices due to covid-19 is seeing a substantial decrease in flu cases.

And doctor roy arnold with 21st century healthcare in evansville says the study findings aren surprising as both covid-19 and the flu can be spread the same way.

"if we continue to practice good sanitation procedures, wearing masks, washing our hands a lot and trying to socially distance the odds of getting influenza will be much lower."

According to the report -- data shows low levels of flu circulation in the u.s. this summer with a positivity rate almost 12 times less.

There was a flu positivity rate of 2.35% last summer, compared to only .20% this summer.

But doctor arnold says it's always important to get vaccinated -- "you need to get it in september or october in order to develop the antibodies down the road to protect you from influenza.

Because -- even with those numbers -- you can still catch the virus.

Still -- getting the flu shot and following cdc guidelines is still the best method for keeping covid-19 and flu cases down.

In evansville -- vl-44 news.

And to get your flu shot over and done with --- in the

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