Initiative 65 opponents make public plea

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Published on September 22, 2020 -
September 22, 2020

Initiative 65 opponents make public plea

Have concerns..

Law enforcement officers and state leaders are asking people not to vote for initiative 65, but instead to vote for initiative 65-a.

Today's meeting at the oxford conference center behind me here sought to explain why.

Take pkg: "we're not making people healthier, we're actually handcuffing folks."

Oxford police chief jeff mccutchen was one of the speakers at the meeting today who spoke about medical marijuana.

He said initiative 65 will change the state as we know it if voters vote it through.

"a person who is issued a medical marijuana card will be able to get 2.5 ounces every 2 weeks.

That's 10 joints a day, that's 300 per month.

What happens to all those joints in excess.

They're going to be sold, or they're gonna end up in the hands of kids."

He said the effect of this drug's availability on kids is a major concern, and a bona fide scare.

"obviously we know that they are going to target young people, they're already doing that through the gummy industry."

Mccutchen said there are already problems with having prescription pills in homes and children getting their hands on them.

"we're gonna start a culture where kids are growing up with this in their homes."

Standup: "speakers here today said people should not vote for initiative 65 because it is going about using medical marijuana all wrong.

They argued that states such as california and colorado have seen an increase in car wrecks from people driving while drugged with marijuana.

They argued that this and other negative consequencs will happen if the voters vote through initiative 65 in the upcoming election.

One speaker said this will be a nightmare for police."

Edward hill is biggest problem to me, because the constitution can only be changed by another constitutional amendment."

He said he believes initiative 65-a is making the mariijuana cartel wealthier than it already is, and is unfair to citizens.

"pushing an illegal, highly addictive drug on people."

Chief mccutchen said shop locations will be another issue.

He encouraged people if they want medical marijuana in mississippi, to vote for alternative 65-a because he said it will allow state legislators to govern its usage and distribution.

The general election on november third will be when voters decide whether they want to vote for for or against medical marijuana.

In oxford, bronson woodruff, w-t-v-a nine news.

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