Attendants of Mt. Carmel "Mini-Prom" May Have Been Exposed to COVID-19

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Published on August 14, 2020 -

Attendants of Mt. Carmel "Mini-Prom" May Have Been Exposed to COVID-19

The Wabash County Health Department is warning of possible COVID-19 exposure at a "mini-prom" event in Mount Carmel, Illinois, after they say those in attendance "could have been exposed to multiple confirmed positive cases of COVID-19."


Attendants of Mt. Carmel "Mini-Prom" May Have Been Exposed to COVID-19

And 9 in wabash.

That large count -- in part - tied to a "mini-prom" in mount carmel.

Health officials -- sending out a dire warning tongiht -- to those ---who attending the dance and their families.

We go now to 44news reporter erran huber - with everything you need to know -- about this latest cluster sweeping the county.

Thursday-- the day -- wabash county students returned to school for the fall semester.

Outbreak outrage in mount carmel.

Parents sharing across social media--and with 44news--their anger and frustration with the latest covid-19 spike in their hometown.

It concerns me because i have a three-year-old.

So it worries me that we ve been in contact with one of the people.

It just worries me as a mother and a friend, cause it could be a friend of mine, or relative.

You just never know.

The virus potentially lurking around any corner-- health officials-- scrambling.

Not knowing for sure how many people may have been infected.

But linking at least 5 positive cases to a "mini- prom" held august 4th.

Connecting the dots through facebook posts-- and teens getting sick.

44news was sent this photo that a community member says- is a group photo from that "mini prom."

We've blurred it to protect the anonymity of students--but it shows neither masks nor social distancing.

This--in the wake of state leaders-- urgently pushing -- the importance of following safety measures.

Now is the time.

We must make sure.

This is a make or break moment for the state of illinois, for making sure that people are doing everything they can to mitigate, to reduce the spread, and so this is a moment for us to enforce the masking requirements across the state.

The mini-prom was not an official school event, nor held community wide.

But the community impact -- from covid-19 infections in the county-- increasing.

Now -- the mount carmel public library sharing-- they'll be shut down for two weeks.

After one of their employees tested positive.

And the health department--on the hunt-- trying to track down anyone else in wabash county-- showing symptoms. the wabash county health department is keeping an eye on 35 close contacts.

They're asking anyone who may have attended the mini prom to reach out to them.

In mount carmel eh 44news turning

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