Chinese Government Builds Highway Around Woman's Home

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Published on August 13, 2020 - Duration: 01:42s

Chinese Government Builds Highway Around Woman's Home

GUANGZHOU, CHINA — Talk about living life in the fast lane!

A Chinese woman made headlines after a highway was built around her home because she refused to move.

A house in the middle of a highway will make for an odd sight, but a highway over your house will make for a far worse one, and one stubborn woman knows all about that!

According to Guangdong TV, Chinese authorities had offered compensation for the demolition of a home so they could construct a highway bridge; however, the owner of the house had for a decade refused to sell.

Per the report, the woman claims that she was offered a below-par home as an alternative, and in an interview with Pear Video, that was after the government offered her a new pad next to a morgue.

Despite Liang — the homeowner — refusing to budge, the authorities decided to construct the Haizhuyong Bridge in Guangzhou, leaving her home pressed between four lanes of overhead traffic.

Speaking of the new unsightly exterior, Liang told reporters that despite the environment looking poor, it is liberating and comfortable.

She added that she was happy to suffer the consequences and didn't care what others thought.

The government of Haizhu stated that Liang was the only person out of a total of 47 households and seven firms that still lived there.

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