WCBI News at Six - Thursday, August 6th, 2020

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Published on August 7, 2020 -
WCBI News at Six - Thursday, August 6th, 2020

WCBI News at Six - Thursday, August 6th, 2020

A vote by the mississippi state board of education will alllow some mississippi school districts to cut up to ten days from the school year// thanks for joining us at six// mississippi requires 180 days of instruction for the academic year// however, today's vote will let eight counties hit hard by covid-19 to lower that down to 170 days of class instruction// last week governor reeves delayed the start of school for grades 7 through 12th in bolivar, coahoma, forrest, george, hinds, panola, sunflower and washington// those same counties fall under today's vote by the board of education which was unanimous// the school bells are starting to ring at north mississippi school districts for the first day of school// this is the first time students are back in classrooms since march due to the coronavirus including right here in columbus// the columbus municipal school district has guidelines in place to help prevent the spread of covid-19.éé all students and faculty must wear a mask at all times.éé the district has developed a hybrid and virtual schedule to best accommodate students.

éé as the number of cases rise in mississippi, parents are making sure their children are aware of the safety protocol to follow while in classes.

éé " " i told them no matter what keep it on.

Use your hand sanitizer.

I even have their own personal hand sanitizer in their bookbags.

Use it whenever."

"well it's not going to be a normal year but i hope she's adjusting to the two days and doing the virtual learning at home the other three days."

The columbus municipal school district is using a hybrid and virtual schedule for the remainder of the school year.éé the district will continue to release updates if any changes are to happen.

éé wipe vo an area ministry is helping schools "mask" up.

The governor's latest order requires teachers, students, and any staff on campuses to wear a mask to help limit the possible spread of covid-19// eight days of hope is getting ten thousand masks shipped to their national headquarters in pontotoc county// the masks are coming from the ministry's buffalo new york location, which purchased the masks when the covid-19 pandemic first began// schools throughout lee and pontotoc counties can request to get masks for free// sot "the students in northeast mississippi, they don't have an option, they need to wear a mask and some families can't afford to buy a mask, after mask, after mask, so this is just a different type of disaster, that's what we do, we respond to disasters, these masks hopefully will help out."

Eight days of hope will deliver the masks starting next week to those schools that have put in their requests.

Students in the noxubee county school district are getting an extra week of summer vacation// school district leaders have decided to push the start date back one week// interim superintendent rodriguez broadnax says the first day of school is now august 17th, so mark your calendars// he says this will give the faculty, staff, and parents one more week to prepare for the upcomng school year.

The semester will end on november 24th when students leave for thanksgiving break .

They will return on january 5th.

For decades, home school education has been an alternative for many families rather than sending their kids to traditional schools... but with the the covid-19 crisis continuing to get worse, it's an option more parents are now choosing.... our quentin smith speaks with a parent who home- schools her two children... he joins us live in the studio with more on the advice she's giving to those who are new to this..

Aundrea... amy r- hus is going into her eighth year teaching at home.

The longtime educator made a list of her curriculum that she sends out to first-timers... giving them a guideline to go by... r-hus says the two things she stresses the most is for the parents to find a schedule and routine that works for them.... and don't be afraid to ask for help..

Room 394, that's where all the learning takes place at amy's house.

This is where she teaches her two children for homeschool.

"i love it.

I love the time it affords me with my kids, i love seeing the lightbulb moments when they figure things out, i love being able to slow down when we are struggling with something, or speed up if we are doing great" for aarhus, her reasoning to go home school route simple..

"i really wanted to be able to spend more time with my children.

Once i started doing it, then i realized i love it because not only did i get to spend time with them, but i got to tailor their education for them specifically."

While home schooling is a route she chose on her own...for others...it's an option they chose due to the pandemic.

" people that have been thrown into this because of the pandemic, i think are just on a different level playing field.

They don't know what to do, this is not something that they chose for their kids, they were happy with what was going on."

Aaruhs says she's seeing an increase in parents now choosing this alternative... and many are reaching out to her for guidance.

" i always let people know that you don't have to plan the lessons all by yourself, you don't have to be a master at algebra or science to be able to teach your child these things, there are so many amazing options online that you can find nowadays."

Aside from the curriculum, she says there's one major concern many people have... " probably the biggest concern is how do you make them do the work, which seems like a silly question, but my answer is always, you are the parent and you set the tone, you set the rules."

The longtime educator encourages all first-timers to embrace this and realize there's help available... " it's different for everybody and it takes some time to get used to, so the main thing is to just offer grace, realize that this is new for everyone, and find what works best for you."

When it comes to when it comes to home-schooling..... unlike virtual options..... the parents are the actual instructors.

If anyone chooses the home school option and needs help, and just visit our website.... wcbi dot com....for more information..... centered north mississippi colleges are also adapting to a new way of learning during covid-19// at icc there are a few options for students// class begins august 17th at itawamba community college.

Students can choose a traditional face to face option, a face to face hybrid, face to face zoom or online only.

That way, students have some face to face time with their instructor.

And icc president jay allen says these four options put student and faculty health and safety first, along with accomplishing goals for learning.

It's important that we keep our classrooms safe and healthy environment and in order to do that we had to begin to provide physical distancing.

Well we can't do that in a classroom with 20 -25 people in there.

So this allows us to make the classroom setting smaller - less people.

And in some cases with those face to face classes, we may have moved those to the auditorium so we can spread those way out.

Traditional classrooms have been rearranged to place desks at at least 6 feet apart.

And, all classes at icc will have a livestream component.

That way if a student needs to quarantine, he or she can still view lectures and complete their assignments.

Let's look at today's covid-19 numbers in mississippi// new numbers from the state department of health show a slight drop in cases in mississippi.

According to today's report, there are 956 new cases and 21 deaths.

The mississippi state department of health says there are 329 people in icu's across the state.

192 patients remain on a ventilator.

Locally, lee county has the 35 cases.

Lafayette county 30.

Both lowndes and monroe have 16 cases.

First look stinger first look summary: we're going to end the work week on a warm and dry note and carry things over into the start of the weekend.

Humidity ramps back up starting saturday and that will lead to more showers the 2020 election only months away and covid-19 already making an impact on how some voters will vote....or really...where.

Lowndes county has already made a change to where one precinct will be.

Wcbi's bobby martinez talked with circuit clerk theresa barksdale on some of the new changes and what voters should expect come november... he joins us live in the studio with more..


Safety while voting.

That is the focus here in lowndes county for the upcoming election.

The circuit clerks office wants to make sure voters feel comfortable as they cast their ballot.

"we will do everything we can to make them feel safe."

The 2020 election already proving it's going to look a bit different.

Covid19 is impacting the way voters normally vote..

Just last weeklowndes county supervisors announced a change to one voting precinct... sot - theresa barksdale - circuit clerk - lowndes county "for the general election in november the only major change as far as a precinct, is we had to move our trinity precinct at their request to columbus christian center there at 146 s.

Mccrary rd."

And with the uptick of positive covid cases in recent weeks.

Barksdale says she wants voters to feel safe as they check off the boxes of those on their ballot.

Even the voting booths will have things to protect you, the voter.

"we are going to make the necessary changes as far as face shield and shields on the desk and gloves hand sanitizers things like that to make everyone feel comfortable.

We are going to put out some six foot spacing notifications and things on the door."

If you're a little uneasy about going out to vote..barksdale says know they're planning ahead to make sure their protocols are following health guidelines.

"we are complying with the cdc guidelines to do everything we can to make everyone feel safe that wants to come out and vote because we need everyone to get out and vote."

Even voters hope the pandemic doesn't keep mississippians from using their voice.

Kemo lewis says election day is just like any other day.

Use the same safety practices you've been using to help prevent the spread of the virus.

"everyday people should have masks and hand sanitizers.

Because your hands are the nastiest thing in the world they touch everything.

You just got a protect yourself and everybody around you.

So if you have a hand sanitizer, and a mask is protecting you and everybody around you and it's slowing down covid-19 and stopping the spread of it."

Barksdale also says masks will be provided to voters as well..

Stinger one of the nine service members killed in a tragic training accident in california last month, has ties to north mississippi// how his family is remembering him and why they say he was doing what he was called to do.

His heroic story, roll vo in monitor the tragic accident in california that claimed the lives of nine servicemen has hit a northeast mississippi family especially hard.

It was the end of last month when camp pendleton service members were doing routine training, when tragedy struck.

One of those service members, 19-year-old private first class evan bath had family ties to north mississippi.

Wcbi's allie martin talked with the great uncle of the young man who always wanted to be a marine.

When dan soper found out his great-nephew, private first class evan bath was one of the marines missing after their amphibious assault vehicle sank off san clemente island, he was praying they would be rescued.

But a few days later, the rescue operation switched to recovery.

Soper describes his great-nephew as quiet, funny, and inquisitive, a young man who was living out his lifelong dream.

"this was his goal in life was to be a marine, and he told his mother, just about two weeks ago, that he was absolutely thrilled what he was doing, on a ship, he had gotten on a ship as part of his training and he loved being there."

Pfc bath was one of sixteen personnel aboard the 26-ton amphibious assault vehicle that sank after taking on water during a shore to ship maneuver.

One marine was pronounced dead at the scene, and seven marines and one sailor died in the aav.

The others on board were rescued.

Soper says the marines gave his great-nephew the direction he was seeking in life.

"they were good for him to give him a balanced life and the discipline he needed to find out what he needed to be doing in life, and he had really discovered that."

He also says the outpouring of support is appreciated and needed, as the family leans on their strong christian faith.

"you know, we've all had our ups and downs and hard knocks in life, without that support and prayer that goes along with it, it's very difficult to handle these types of situations, we just need to remember them over the next couple of weeks as this progresses."

Officials say recovery operations should wrap up by the weekend.

In tupelo, allie martin, wcbi news stinger just keith please weather open summary: we're going to end the work week on a warm and dry note and carry things over into the start of the weekend.

Humidity ramps back up starting saturday and that will lead to more showers and storms anytime from sunday afternoon through next week.

Thursday night: clear, quiet, and comfy.

Lows in the mid 60s.

Light northerly winds.

Friday: mostly sunny, warm, and dry.

Highs in the low to mid 90s.

Northerly winds 3- 7 mph.

Friday night: mainly clear and quiet.

Lows in the upper 60s.

Saturday: partly cloudy and hot.

Highs in the mid 90s.

Humidity rises and that will lead to heat indices over 100 at times.

Lows saturday night in the low 70s.

Sunday: hot and humid.

Highs in the mid 90s with heat indices in the 100s.

Just a 20% chance of a few spotty afternoon and early evening showers and storms. next week: typical summer weather returns.

Expect pop-up storms each day along with highs in the 90s and lows in the 70s.

Follow @wcbiweather on facebook, twitter, instagram, and the wcbi news app stinger the high school football tour continues on...we check in with the south pontotoc cougars see the preview, next in sports spx open the high school football tour checks-in with our final pontotoc team, the south pontotoc cougars the cougars return after a difficult 2019 season, hoping to build on their experience south pontotoc is stop number 46 on the high school football tour the bounce back begins in south pontotoc as the cougars look to improve after a difficult 2019.

After going 1-10 under first year head coach rod cook, the team feels more comfortable and confident heading into year two.

"we didn't have the experience that we did this year.

We have the majority of our offense and defense come back so we have experience.

All of us that came back have played for multiple years with most the seniors so we have chemistry."

"i think the intensity is better for us this year.

We didn't really know what to expect.

Now, this year as a team we know what we got to do and what we got to do to get the job done.

We'll do the best we can."

"a lot more fun.

We just all bonded together.

We've been together since seventh grade."

The cougars bring back 17 seniors and the entire starting offensive line positioning this team to be in good shape on offense.

"it makes it easier.

Those guys have been in the program.

We haven't changed a thing.

They know key terms and are ready to perform."

"we got more starts as a unit.

We've all played together for awhile.

We're family.

We go into the game knowing that the offensive line has to lead the way.

We do the best we can to protect our quarterback and protect our running back."

South pontotoc welcomes in a new offensive coordinator with bert ashley joining the fold allowing head coach rod cook to focus on the defense.

"this year having a new offensive coordinator and me concentrating mainly on defense, i feel like we'll be a lot better."

"i think our offense will be better than it was.

We got a new offensive coordinator this year so coach cook doesn't have to do everything."

With the experience the cougars carry into the season as well as added help on the staff, the team is ready to see how they shape up in division play.

"we feel like our eyes were opened last year, and we're ready to meet that challenge again this year."

"we didn't know exactly how it was going to be.

This year we'll just go in with our head up and practice hard, play hard and watch film."

South pontotoc travels to aberdeen september 4th.

With the cougars on the high school football tour, chris bolton wcbi sports.

Here's a look at the upcoming stops for any stops that you may have missed along the way you can always check out our website, wcbi.com rader and include the the meet we can gain reporting on a indian einstein and going into the weekly & agent number 50 continue on with from first part we can ... sunny and warm as we had into her thursday evening get out there make the most of it is going out into the 70s out sunset tomorrow and sunny warm and dry spice and return sunday they are so chances again as we get into next week under with more humidity that we just love right where i just think about

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