Burger King goes the extra mile to celebrate Pride

Video Credit: In The Know Wibbitz
Published on June 29, 2020 - Duration: 01:00s

Burger King goes the extra mile to celebrate Pride

It’s typical throughout the month of June to see companies and corporations use rainbow-themed logos in honor of Pride.but Burger King Mexico just told everyone to hold its beer, because it’s going beyond just adding some color to its social media.The franchise changed its name on Facebook to “Burger Queer,” complete with new branding, in honor of the LGBTQIA+ community.Any “Burger Queer” order will also come with a cardboard crown.The move received mixed responses from critics and patrons of the chain.Many people on Twitter thought it was hilarious and a step up from what one user said was the month’s typical “rainbow capitalism”.Others jokingly dubbed “Burger Queer” their “new sexual identity” .The term “queer” has been reappropriated by scholars and activists ever since the 1969 Stonewall Riots .some members of the community still feel uncomfortable with its use, which elicited some backlash and discomfort with Burger King’s logo change


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