Churches to start resume traditional services in Biloxi

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Published on May 29, 2020 -

Churches to start resume traditional services in Biloxi

Some South Mississippi religious organizations are resuming services in their buildings while others believe it’s still too soon to congregate due to COVID-19.


Churches to start resume traditional services in Biloxi

- - some south mississippi religiou- organizations - are resuming services in their- buildings, while others believe- it's still too soon to- congregate due to covid-19.

- today, news 25's lorraine - weiskopf checked in with- two local churches - our lady - - - - of fatima catholic church and - infinity church in biloxi.- - this past week the catholic - diocese started allowing mass - with proper social- distancing.

- our lady of fatima in biloxi is- just one church resuming in-- - - - house services.

- things will look a bit differen- for parishoners- pews are - divided - - - - for individuals and families to- remain six feet apart.- father thomas white, priest at- our lady of fatima: "the dioces- told me that if they are- 65 or older they don't have to- come to church, so i guess i- should be going to the- - - - funeral home."- the 81 year old's sense of humo- is as strong as his faith.- he remains very optimistic for- the future of his congregation.- - - - "we've had some devastating - events in the past, and - hopefully this too will pass, - and - that the scientist will come up- with a solution."

- church patron jay davis is- encouraging his fellow patrons- to attend mass, believing the - environment is safe for - worship.- jay davis, a church patron, - says, "they should do it- perfectly if they're sanitizing- the - church, we have arrangements fo- people to stay separate."

- lorraine weiskopf, reporter - says, "there are many safety- precautions in place- here.

One of them being that yo- cannot enter the church after - it's been sanitized."

- father thomas white, priest at- our lady of fatima, says, "we'r- trying to not get the - virus."

- the church is sanitized after - - - - every service, only bread is- served during communion, it is- also strictly hands.- if patrons wish to give an- - - - offering they can do it on the- way out, the basket will not be- passed around.- not all churches will be- resuming traditional services.- pastor rick august of infinity- church in biloxi is hosting - drive up services,and live- streaming services for his- patrons.- rick august, pastor infinity- church "we just want to take- - - - care of our people, we have - several older member of our - congregation, people with - predistoped illnesses.- and there's just so much we - don't know."- in biloxi, lorraine weiskopf- news 25 -

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