Peace of Mind packages

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Published on May 29, 2020 -
Peace of Mind packages

Peace of Mind packages

With everything going on right now with the pandemic, some people have fallen on hard times.

Local organizations and churches are acknowledging that and providing what they call peace of mind packages.

Fox 55'sjentill neal is live where all the action happened at weisser park elementary school and has more.

Jentill?hundreds came out to weisser park elementary hunter.and hundreds of boxes full of things to help them get through the upcoming weeks were given out really means a lot to the people i talked to.

Since the virus plenty of peop households have chan ed.

Fort wayne united exec tive director says what in the pom packages will help meet basic needs for those who need it.>07:27:28-07:27:48 oss of work, loss of their jobs, loss of their family members, loss of that income, loss of the income of the person who makes the most money in the house, these are the efforts that really support those families.ort wayn ten point coalition is calling it the pom package program.

Pom stands for peace of mind.

These packages are put together by the ten point coalition, the chapel church, come as you are community church and the boys and girls club.frazer jewell is one of the families headley is referring to that really need this.>07:31:47-07:32:00 the only one working.

My wife got leukemia and she in remission.

With everything goin hard to maintain.

This is helping.

It a bhe sing coordinator for the ten point coalition , lewis king, says hundreds of families need this, and this is just the start of a continued effort.> 07:2e going e3:15 to be doing about 400 boxes and bags today.

We know that won be enough.

We are intending to keep doing this.

We want the community to support this, we have about 11 churches and congregations that come together to pack food in order to make this poss ble.n the boxes there non perishable food items like canned goods, pasta, oatmeal, detergent and toiletries and then in the bags covid safety kits.>07:30:e -07:31:14 have been a little bit tight on things, but for what the fort wayne community has been doing especially my church come as you are community church, i have loved what this city has been doing.

The pom package giveaway took place all evening from 5:30 until 8 tonight.reporting live in fort wayne jentill neal ... fox 55 news.

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Peace of Mind packages helps Fort Wayne families in need amid coronavirus pandemic
Video credit: WFFT - Published on May 29, 2020 

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